A Cartoon Dragon Story for Smiles

Cartoon dragon story

Let’s read a fun short, illustrated tale! Wumi was a small girl with large orange hair like an octopus made of fireworks. She loved cuddling, veggies (but not cuddling veggies), and leaping. She was fearless, especially because she could make … [Read More]

A Story for Kids to Eat Fruit and Veggies!

Love veggies

Want a fun, colorful tale to read with children to learn healthy eating habits and practice imagination? This interactive story is for you. After each question in bold, pause to hear the kiddo’s response… and prepare to smile! The Quest … [Read More]

8 Benefits of Drawing: Why Art Helps

Cute alien cartoon

Have you been looking for your next project to stay busy, learning, and happy? Perhaps learning to draw has been on your list of things to do, but you don’t know how to start, or are nervous to do it … [Read More]

Creative Drawings: 3 Steps to Inspiration

Creative Drawings

What is Creativity? Whether you’re here to look at creative drawings or get motivation and ideas to make them yourself, this process will take you to a new place with art. Some of the steps may seem strange, but give … [Read More]

The Whale Wants to Be an Elephant?!

Purple whale story

Wishes of Land Life Wanda the purple whale wanted to be an elephant. She longed to feel the firm ground beneath her massive feet. She longed to have feet at all. Every day she would leap out of the water … [Read More]

Cloud Hair Fairy and the Horseshoe Crab

Cloud hair cartoon

A Preface to This Story When I receive your requests for drawings, I strive to fulfill each one, but the latest was a wallop of a challenge: “Draw a horseshoe crab on a bike“ typed a reader named Michael. Yeep! … [Read More]

The Magic of Context, Explained by Art

Context illustration

One of the first words I teach in my 7th grade English class is CONTEXT, because it’s pivotal to understanding what gives everything meaning — from literature to life. What is Context? The definition of the word “context” can be … [Read More]