Everyday vs. Every Day: One Word or Two?

Everyday vs. Every Day

A Fun Lesson to Learn the Difference! In the 17 years I’ve been teaching English (or “ELA” as we cool kids call it), I’ve found that one of the most confusing concepts for students to learn while editing writing is … [Read More]

Queen of Hearts Drawing Battle: Who Wins?

Queen of hearts drawing

Given my four year old daughter‘s current adoration of both queens AND heart shapes, I went down a wild rabbit-hole of art inspiration last night, pumping out not one but THREE different creative drawings of a “Queen of Hearts.” Which … [Read More]

A Tulip Cartoon in a Time Lapse Art Video

Tulip cartoon

I’m thrilled to report the first drawing request has come in, and been fulfilled! And it’s a hilarious one. The suggestion came from my friend Ryan, a photographer and blogger I met in Turkey years ago. His request was as … [Read More]

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