A Magical Cartoon Pumpkin Story

Pumpkin cartoon

Once there was a pumpkin named Pumpie who was SUCH a pumpkin. She was the pumpkin-est pumpkin who ever pumped. When people walked down the street and saw her shining self on the porch step, they gasped, “What perfect orange … [Read More]

A Story for Kids to Eat Fruit and Veggies!

Love veggies

Want a fun, colorful tale to read with children to learn healthy eating habits and practice imagination? This interactive story is for you. After each question in bold, pause to hear the kiddo’s response… and prepare to smile! The Quest … [Read More]

The Magic of Context, Explained by Art

Context illustration

One of the first words I teach in my 7th grade English class is CONTEXT, because it’s pivotal to understanding what gives everything meaning — from literature to life. What is Context? The definition of the word “context” can be … [Read More]

Person Bouncing in an Ice Cream Cone?!

Hello! Were you looking for the most random drawing possible today? Good news — you came to the right place. What follows is a cartoon of a person happily bouncing through a field of grass with an ice cream cone … [Read More]