Flower Crowns: Fun Art and a Story

Flower crown cartoon

Welcome to an imaginative short story accompanied by joyful art to make you smile! It was my pleasure to draw and write this for you today… and there’s a twist at the end. Ready? Let’s tell it. The Queen of … [Read More]

A Tulip Cartoon in a Time Lapse Art Video

Tulip cartoon

I’m thrilled to report the first drawing request has come in, and been fulfilled! And it’s a hilarious one. The suggestion came from my friend Ryan, a photographer and blogger I met in Turkey years ago. His request was as … [Read More]

A Cute Cactus Saying Hello!

Cactus cartoon

Which cartoon does a gal pick to create for the first post on her new drawing blog? Upon reflection, the answer was clear: a cactus. But not just any cactus — a friendly one, proudly declaring his identity! Why Draw … [Read More]