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Welcome to Drawings Of Cartoon with arms out
Hello and welcome!

Come on in! This site features colorful cartoons and art to make you smile. All work here is hand-drawn by Lillie Marshall: a teacher, artist, and mama from Boston.

From vocabulary lessons to kids’ stories and art inspiration, you’ll find many delights, so can use the “Browse” tab in the header to explore.

Watch Drawing Process VIDEOS!

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, each drawing on this site comes with a time-lapse video of exactly what my art process was — things I erased and all! (You’re welcome subscribe on YouTube to see all.) Here’s the video of how I made the welcome design here:

Feel free to leave comments and questions on any article, and to subscribe to get monthly updates from this site. Desire a specific idea or object drawn? Try the Request form and see if your dream comes true! I’m thrilled that you’re here, and look forward to connecting.

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