How a Cartoon Octopus Found Happiness

Angry octopus drawing

Ready for a short story that sprang from the random art inspiration capturing my pen’s lines today? Here it is… The Story of Octi the Octopus Once upon an ocean, there was an irritable magenta octopus named Octi. He always … [Read More]

Foreshadowing Examples and Definition

How did I get here? Cartoon on mountain.

Ready for an English vocabulary lesson that’s also highly useful in real life? Let’s look at the word FORESHADOWING. I’ve been a public school English teacher since 2003, and it would be my great joy to give some you easy … [Read More]

A Cartoon Fairy With Green Hair

cartoon fairy

You know what’s some of the best art inspiration? Following the commands of a 4-year-old. Check out the fairy cartoon that my daughter bossed me around step by step to create: “Give her butterfly wings NOW, Mama!” My little peanut … [Read More]

Seeking a Blue Horse Saying “Moo”

Blue hair cartoon pointing

Once there was a person with fluffy blue hair who was seeking a pale blue horse. This mythical equine was known for its jolly disposition and its hauntingly beautiful recitation of a single word: “Moo.” The Quest Begins… The blue-haired … [Read More]

The Power of Cheekbones in a Face

Side view cheekbones

When drawing a semi-realistic face, I always start with the right eye… but the second place my pen shapes is invariably the cheekbones. Why is that? The Strangeness of Cheekbones’ Beauty: It seems odd that a part of the body … [Read More]

Person Bouncing in an Ice Cream Cone?!

Hello! Were you looking for the most random drawing possible today? Good news — you came to the right place. What follows is a cartoon of a person happily bouncing through a field of grass with an ice cream cone … [Read More]

Purple and Orange Hair With Wild Style

Purple Hair cartoon person

Are you seeking a new look? Allow two delightful cartoon ladies to lead the way to fashion passion, via their vibrant hair colors and clothing pizzaz! Blue and Purple Hair: Long Plus Short Above we have one option: A long … [Read More]