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Want to smile AND learn? Enjoy educational cartoon drawings of English lessons for kids, teens, and adults — plus creative tutorials about art inspiration and life!

All happy art here is hand-drawn by Lillie Marshall: a teacher, artist, writer, and Reiki meditator. You can also shop designs, and request new illustrations. Click to…

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Fun English Lessons… in Cartoons!

I’ve been a public school English teacher for almost two decades, and one of my favorite methods for teaching vocabulary, hard words to spell, grammar, commonly confused words, and ELA concepts like literary terms is to illustrate funny situations to explain how these lessons are useful to our actual world, beyond the walls of a classroom or the pages of a textbook. Whether you’re a student, teacher, or any human who would like to expand understanding, dive into these articles and videos to learn!

For more English language lessons, check out my illustrated homophones list, and useful figurative language examples.

Cute Drawing Ideas:

In addition to being an English teacher, I’m also an artist — and this site is full of art tutorials for how to make cute drawings, yourself — many of which include instructional time-lapse videos! For round-ups on specific creative themes, check out my compendium of instructions for cute animal drawings, or this big list of exciting and unusual drawing prompts.

Seasonal Art:

Looking for winter drawing ideas and activities, or illustrations for festive decorations? Here are lots of creative resources for artistic fun to stay jolly, from wreaths to holly and snowmen.

Free Coloring Printables:

Want free printable sheets to download and color in (for kids and adults)? See my hand-drawn cute coloring pages! They make for an easy, delightful art activity for relaxation. Feel free to reach out if there’s a specific new theme you’d like me to illustrate, beyond the cartoons here.

Lessons About Colors:

I’m in love with colors, and have written MANY lessons about their different aspects — compiled here. Of special note is my giant and ever-growing color mixing chart, in which I swirl together ever possible pigment to see what happens. These lessons also explore color meanings, as they pertain to energy, auras, and meditation.

Artistic Symbols:

Ever notice that everyday symbols can be beautiful? Check out these explorations of the Pi Symbol, and others!

Articles on Energy Colors

In addition to being an English teacher, I run a Reiki energy work practice. That, paired with my mindfulness work, has led me to some fascinating chakra colors visualizations that I’ve drawn and written about here about seeing colors during meditation. It’s been amazing to hear from so many readers who experience similar phenomena — particularly the wonderful purple aura meaning! I also love how art and drawing pair with energy work in the beautiful Reiki symbols.

Browse the beautiful Reiki Principles: 5 phrases that can guide us to better living every day. Also take a look at the fascinating Earth Star Chakra.

Art and Life Inspiration:

Creative expression is one of the most important aspects of learning — and happiness — in the world. These fun and inspiring articles help show all sorts of sides of art (including visual representations of life ideas, illustrated), and can guide you on your own drawing journey and world. Get tutorials for drawing everything from mushrooms to beautiful dresses!

Common Homophones:

See my giant, growing list of common homophones, illustrated, or check out the most popular pairs of words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings!

Short Kids’ Stories:

Looking for a short, interactive, and silly-fun story to read to a nearby child — or maybe to take your adult mind off other things? These random tales will leave you grinning and uplifted!

Cute Food Drawings:

When you put googly cartoon eyes and bright colors on anything, it can might it mighty adorable. Here is some of my happy food art, replete with tutorial instructions and videos so you can also create the yummy cuteness. If you’re looking for printables, check out my food coloring pages.