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Want to smile AND learn? This site is bursting with entertaining educational cartoons — from English lessons to art and life inspiration — for anyone of ANY age. You can even request an illustration!

All happy art here is hand-drawn by Lillie Marshall: a writer, English teacher, and artist from Boston. Click to…

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Fun English Lessons… in Cartoons!

I’ve been a public school English teacher for almost two decades, and one of my favorite methods for teaching vocabulary, grammar, and ELA concepts is to illustrate real-life situations to explain how these lessons are useful to our actual world, beyond the walls of a classroom or the pages of a textbook. Whether you’re a student, teacher, or any human who would like to expand understanding, dive into these articles and videos to learn!

For more English language lessons, check out the sections: common homophones, figurative language examples, commonly confused words, and literary terms.

Art and Life Inspiration:

Creative expression is one of the most important aspects of learning — and happiness — in the world. These fun and inspiring articles help show all sorts of sides of art (including visual representations of life ideas, illustrated, including experiences like meditation), and can guide you on your own drawing journey and world.

Short Kids’ Stories:

Looking for a short, interactive, and silly-fun story to read to a nearby child — or maybe to take your adult mind off other things? These random tales will leave you grinning and uplifted!

Energy Healing Articles

In addition to being an English teacher, I run a Reiki energy work practice. That, paired with my meditation and mindfulness work, has led me to some fascinating visualizations that I’ve drawn and written about here. It’s been amazing to hear from so many readers who experience similar phenomena!

Common Homophones:

See my giant, growing list of common homophones, illustrated, or check out the most popular pairs of words that sound the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings!

Request a Drawing!

What art would make YOU happy? Which new educational cartoons by Lillie would be useful? Don’t be shy! Just tap the button and…

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Get Monthly Updates!

Get Monthly Updates!