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Aura Colors: Meanings and Drawings of Each

What is an Aura Color?

Each person has a unique energetic vibration which corresponds to different aura colors. The specific shade of a person’s aura tells you a lot about what they’re like, because every hue corresponds with the chakra colors of the body’s energy centers, which in turn have different meanings.

Why Trust This Article?

As background, I’m a trained and certified Reiki energy work practitioner who does hands-on aura reading and cleansing work with clients on a daily basis, meaning that my writing here is based on personal experience over many years. (I’m not just some random writer hired to churn out an article on auras!)

When I work with clients, I see the colors of their auras, and that helps me guide their chakra balancing and progress. Here, I’ve done an aura drawing to represent different manifestations of this phenomenon, and will explain each.

Aura Colors and Meanings
What are the meanings of aura colors?

Let’s first dive into an aura color chart of the meaning of each color (informed by my hands-on work as a Reiki healing touch practitioner and energy worker in Boston, as well as additional research), then we will go on to explain how to find our own aura color.

Aura Colors and Meanings

What are the meanings of colors of auras? Learn from this aura color chart, as each hue correlates with energy of the chakras. Each aura drawing here is done by hand by Lillie, a Reiki professional.

“What is My Aura Color?”

Now that we know the meanings of aura colors and have seen my aura drawings demonstrating what each looks like to me when I work with Reiki clients, how do you find what color YOUR aura is? There are several methods.

Energy Workers and Aura Colors

The first way to find your aura color is to find and book a reiki practitioner with the skill of reading aura and chakra colors. Many of us are able to do so, and if the practitioner’s website doesn’t mention it, you can always email them to see if this is a capability of theirs.

To give you a window on what this process is like from a practitioner’s point of view, usually I see a person’s aura color the moment I do the first Reiki hand placement on them, but for some people, it takes about thirty minutes of the session to fully scan their body and learn what vibration (color) of energy they are chiefly holding.

Oh, and don’t be nervous — learning your aura colors from a Reiki practitioner is not scary; it just helps you understand where your energy is focused, and suggests possible ways to move forward or balance.

Finding Aura Colors by Meditation

A second way to find your aura characteristics is to practice meditation. There are a number of free or low-cost meditation apps out there (I adore Insight Timer, myself), some of which are very specifically focused on color investigation and visualization. Through this method, I’ve been able to see that my main aura color is purple, with greenish-gold mixed in at times.

Aura Photography

Certain services exist where a photographer uses a special camera to pick up color wavelengths to create aura photography. The resulting photos are beautiful: a person’s face surrounded by clouds of color. I haven’t tried this, myself, but am intrigued!

Aura Drawings

Some energy workers like myself are also artists, and could offer to show you what the unique color of your aura is, as painted, drawn, or (as in my case) represented with the magic of digital art tools. Everything from a magenta aura to green or purple!

Can Colors of Auras Change?

In my experience as a Reiki practitioner and through my own personal color meditation, a person’s aura colors can certainly change, depending on what is going on in their life, BUT they often gravitate towards a specific frequency or color that matches with their core personality and energetic vibrations.

Aura Colors, in Sum

I used to think that the concept of “aura colors” was silly and made up, but the more I work as a Reiki meditation practitioner and do daily meditations, the more I realize that there is a profound and useful truth to aura colors. I look forward to making many more aura drawings based on my energy work. Now, I’m curious now to hear YOUR experiences with colors of auras, and see any questions you have. Do share!