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18 Fun Art Prompts to Get Your Creative Ideas Flowing!

Looking for some fun and creative art prompts to get your drawing inspiration flowing? You’ve come to the right place! Here is a growing list of interesting — and sometimes surprising — ideas for what to create.

Art prompts
Let your creativity soar with these art prompts!

Because I’m an English teacher by day, you’ll notice that some of the prompts are infused by a little vocabulary lesson action. Though my art style is cartoon line drawings, you’re welcome to interpret these art prompts in any style or art medium: from detailed paintings to collage.

Art Prompts

Drawing inspiration and art prompts from the artist and creator of to help your creative ideas start flowing. Enjoy! Click through any of the links below to get more examples and information.

Art Prompts Fun!

Which of these art prompts most captured your imagination? Feel free to be in touch with me on social media at @WorldLillie to share what you make. Are there other’s you’d like added to the list? Do share!

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