Chakra Colors and Meanings: Visualizing and Healing

Chakra colors healing

The Meditation Article Which Started This: WOW! I’ve been bowled over by the response to my article, “Seeing Colors During Meditation: Purple and More.” People have written in from around the world that they have ALSO spontaneously started visualizing indigo … [Read More]

Queen of Hearts Drawing Battle: Who Wins?

Queen of hearts drawing

Given my four year old daughter‘s current adoration of both queens AND heart shapes, I went down a wild rabbit-hole of art inspiration last night, pumping out not one but THREE different creative drawings of a “Queen of Hearts.” Which … [Read More]

A Tulip Cartoon in a Time Lapse Art Video

Tulip cartoon

I’m thrilled to report the first drawing request has come in, and been fulfilled! And it’s a hilarious one. The suggestion came from my friend Ryan, a photographer and blogger I met in Turkey years ago. His request was as … [Read More]