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Colors: 10 Articles to Learn Surprises About Them

We love colors! There is SO MUCH to learn about them, and endless ways to explore their bright and beautiful properties — from color mixing, to interpreting color meanings, to getting into the science of different models of color wheels, to being inspired by ideas about unique names and shades.

As background, my name is Lillie, and I’ve been an artist and teacher for over two decades — sharing hand-illustrated cute drawing ideas, and teaching color theory. This article is a massive round-up that gathers together all of the many lessons I have written about colors over the years.

Colors: So much to learn!

Colors: Types of Articles

This round-up of lessons about colors has four categories, and within each of those, you can click through to a whole other collection of related articles; for example, the “Complementary Colors” article is a directory of all nine articles I’ve written on that topic. Here is the overview of the list’s organization…

1. Color Theory.

The first set of articles in the list covers the foundational science of color theory, including primary and secondary colors, the different types of color wheels (ex: RGB), and what happens when you mix different combinations. Despite being an artist for so long, I always find myself so surprised by the results of certain mixtures!

2. Ideas for Colors.

Next, I offer you articles to get your creative drawings, fashion, and design going by ideas for unique and bright colors.

3. An English Lesson.

Having been an English teacher for nearly twenty years, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to insert a history lesson about the “colorful or colourful” spelling quandary.

4. Color Meanings.

Finally, since I’m a certified and active Reiki practitioner, I’ve drawn on my in-person work with hundreds of clients to explore color meanings, in the context of auras and the chakra system of energy centers. Enjoy!


There is SO much to learn about the different aspects of colors! Here is a growing list of useful and educational articles and lessons about color meanings, vocabulary, science, uses, auras, chakras, and ideas.

Colors, in Sum

I hope this round-up of lessons and articles about colors and their meanings, uses, and science has been useful as well as enjoyable. Which ideas were most intriguing for you? (I love complementary colors, and in particular, the different answers to the opposite of pink.)

What would you like me to illustrate and teach about next, as we continue to dive into the many facets of this rainbow-loving topic? Do share!

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