The Power of Cheekbones in a Face

Side view cheekbones

When drawing a semi-realistic face, I always start with the right eye… but the second place my pen shapes is invariably the cheekbones. Why is that? The Strangeness of Cheekbones’ Beauty: It seems odd that a part of the body … [Read More]

Person Bouncing in an Ice Cream Cone?!

Hello! Were you looking for the most random drawing possible today? Good news — you came to the right place. What follows is a cartoon of a person happily bouncing through a field of grass with an ice cream cone … [Read More]

Purple and Orange Hair With Wild Style

Purple Hair cartoon person

Are you seeking a new look? Allow two delightful cartoon ladies to lead the way to fashion passion, via their vibrant hair colors and clothing pizzaz! Blue and Purple Hair: Long Plus Short Above we have one option: A long … [Read More]

A Cute Cactus Saying Hello!

Cactus cartoon

Which cartoon does a gal pick to create for the first post on her new drawing blog? Upon reflection, the answer was clear: a cactus. But not just any cactus — a friendly one, proudly declaring his identity! Why Draw … [Read More]