Why Is Art Important?

Why is art important?

First, What IS Art? I’m thrilled you’re diving into the inquiry of why art is important! Before we answer that question, however, it is essential to define a key term: what does “art” even mean? “Art” can be defined as … [Read More]

A Story to Teach Kids How to Apologize

What to do when you mess up or break something cartoon

Do you know any children (or maybe even adults) who need a little help learning what to do when they mess up or break something? Read on for this fun short story — illustrated with cartoons! The Mess-Up: A Break … [Read More]

A Story for Kids to Eat Fruit and Veggies!

Love veggies

Want a fun, colorful tale to read with children to learn healthy eating habits and practice imagination? This interactive story is for you. After each question in bold, pause to hear the kiddo’s response… and prepare to smile! The Quest … [Read More]

8 Benefits of Drawing: Why Art Helps

Cute alien cartoon

Have you been looking for your next project to stay busy, learning, and happy? Perhaps learning to draw has been on your list of things to do, but you don’t know how to start, or are nervous to do it … [Read More]

Queen of Hearts Drawing Battle: Who Wins?

Queen of hearts drawing

Given my four year old daughter‘s current adoration of both queens AND heart shapes, I went down a wild rabbit-hole of art inspiration last night, pumping out not one but THREE different creative drawings of a “Queen of Hearts.” Which … [Read More]

Creative Drawings: 3 Steps to Inspiration

Creative Drawings

What is Creativity? Whether you’re here to look at creative drawings or get motivation and ideas to make them yourself, this process will take you to a new place with art. Some of the steps may seem strange, but give … [Read More]