Request a Drawing of Something… Anything!

In the comments below, tell me what idea, concept, story, vocabulary term, or totally random thing you’d like me to draw next! I can’t guarantee your request will be picked, but I sure will try to make all dreams come true.

Blue horse saying moo
No request is too bizarre — as long as it will be useful and/or make you smile.

Let’s hear your thoughts! No proposals are too weird — I do very much love random giggles — but please keep all requests middle-school-appropriate as I’m a 7th grade teacher by day and my students read this site.

Shy about leaving a public request? You can also privately send a request through my contact form.

Thanks — I’m excited to see your drawing requests!

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10 thoughts on “Request a Drawing of Something… Anything!”

  1. Lillie, I’m introducing my grandkids to genealogy. They’re thrilled to learn about ancestors with ties to the founding fathers or inventors (their 7X great grandfather built the weathervane atop Mt Vernon). I’d love to see a lesson in how (or if) we can learn anything from our personal yet distant history. Thanks.

    • Ah, wonderful that you are diving into ancestors and history! So important! This isn’t a field I have extensive experience in, but I’ll think through if there’s a way I can fulfill this request because it’s an important one. Thank you for the suggestion and for taking the time to read and comment!

  2. I love what you do, Lillie!

    Do you have any idea of what a tooga is? What does it look like?

    All I understand is that toogas like to measure, but have a strange way of communicating it: “These are things how to measure!”

    If you can easily picture what’s going on here, I’d be very interested! Thank you!


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