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Hello from Lillie, the creator of! When I launched this site in 2020, I had been an ELA teacher for 17 years. My goal in creating these educational cartoon drawings is to share some of the English lessons and life tips that have helped my students over the years — but this time, through the help of the internet and this website, bring them to a MUCH broader audience.

As readership nears 1,000 pageviews a day, with subscribers from around the world, that dream is becoming a reality… which makes me want to publish more and more! All happy art here is hand-drawn with the tablet and pencil you see pictured below.

Testimonials for
Behind the scenes at

How Do YOU Use this Site?

Now, there are many ways to use this site: from reading a post on your own to help brush up on an educational concept, to using articles to help teach a lesson to an entire class. In the years I’ve run this site, it’s been a great joy hearing how readers around the world have used to help.

Given this, I’ve opened up this Testimonials page so you can share best practices on ANY or all of the following in the comments section, below:

1. How have YOU used Which methods of use have proven most beneficial and engaging?

2. What are specific stories of ways that this site has helped you, your students, or people you work with?

3. Are there any directions you hope this site will go in the future to be of the most use and help possible? Printables? Slide decks? Worksheets? Topics?

I am hugely grateful for you taking a minute or two to submit your thoughts and testimonials on any of these questions by clicking the “Comment” button below. Do state your geographical location and your context, too, if possible. Thanks in advance!

Eric S.

Thursday 7th of April 2022

I am a big fan of! The spirit that's inherent in Lillie's artwork and writing virtually leaps from each page. I appreciate how she takes language that seems so basic, yet is so often confused - let's face it - even by adults. As an elementary school teacher (based in New York), I've enjoyed spicing up my language arts lessons with presentations from this site. My students get a kick out of reading excerpts aloud and discussing the distinctions that Lillie is joyfully making. They were particularly excited to suggest an idea to Lillie that she went on to write and publish. Thank you for your work on this, Lillie!

Lillie Marshall

Thursday 7th of April 2022

Thank you so much for your kind words, Eric! It was a joy to create the "Peak vs. Peek vs. Pique" article for your students!