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Code-Switching: Context and Language Worksheet


Help students lay the foundation for the concept of code switching with this fun, interactive worksheet to discuss how context changes our lives and language. 2 pages; 1 hour class period.


During my 18 years as an English teacher, it became clear that I couldn’t teach grammar and writing skills without first addressing how context (the surroundings) changes language — as well as everything else in life. Thus, to help students learn the concept of code switching, I created this fun, interactive worksheet on code switching examples, using examples from fashion and how we speak.

This worksheet activity is 2 pages long and takes approximately one class period (allowing for small group discussion, then full-class share-outs. I recommend pairing this with the TED Talk, “3 Ways to Speak English.”

Here’s a sample of the first half of page 1:

Code Switching: Language and Context

The first half of page one for the 2-page Code Switching and Context worksheet.


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