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Common Writing Mistakes, Proofreading, and Homophones Worksheet


Help students learn how to fix common writing and grammar mistakes in this proofreading and homophones worksheet! 4 pages, interactive and fun.


During my 18 years as an English teacher, this “Slaying Grammar Demons” lesson was the most famous each year. This two-day, fun, interactive lesson uses a worksheet paired with teacher-led direct instruction, then two different partners per student practicing editing each other’s (silly yet appropriate) sentences. 

Do the first two pages on day one, then the second two pages on day two. Follow up with a quiz in subsequent days. To assist with the teacher-led direct instruction lessons for many of these “grammar demons,” check out my “Common Homophones” article.

Here’s a sample of the first half of the first page of the four-page worksheet activity:

Worksheet on Grammar Mistakes

Excerpt from the 4-page worksheet



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