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Reiki Symbols: Meaning and Drawings of Each

In the Japanese healing touch energy flow practice of Reiki, there is a traditional set of Reiki symbols originating from the founder of Usui Reiki, Mikao Usui. These symbols are powerful and calming, while also being extraordinarily beautiful. As a Boston Reiki practitioner and artist, it is my joy to draw and discuss them.

Reiki symbols
Reiki symbols.

Reiki Symbols’ Use

What are Reiki symbols used for? During Usui Reiki training in Levels 1, 2, and 3, they are taught and memorized, as well as empowered during the ceremony of attunements. The order of the four main symbols is: Cho Ku Rei (the Power Symbol), Sei Hei Ki (the Harmony Symbol), Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (the Distance Healing Symbol), and Dai Ko Myo (the Master Symbol).

Beyond the four main Usui symbols, there are also various supplementary symbols sometimes used, such as the exciting Raku Reiki symbol: the Completion or Grounding symbol. There are also more recent systems which have their own symbols, such as the Shanti symbol of Karuna Reiki.

During Reiki (see Reiki pronunciation here) treatments, the practitioner draws the symbols from memory on their hands, in the air with their fingers or eyes, or on the receiver’s energy centers to focus healing and facilitate chakra balancing. One can also meditate alone on these symbols, or draw them in a particular space for a desired effect.

Variations in How to Draw Each

You’ll note in the section that follows that each symbol has several variations on how it is drawn (since it changed as it was passed down over time), so it bears careful study to find the version which is most accurate and resonant for you.

Of course, this article is not meant to be a substitution for formal Reiki training. If these lovely Reiki symbols interest you, I strongly encourage you to find a certified Reiki teacher to learn more. If you’d like an easy digital download of Usui Reiki symbols in this article, click here. Ready to get the overview of the symbols? Let’s go!

Reiki Symbols

In Reiki, the Japanese healing touch energy flow practice, four main Usui Reiki symbols are used to channel universal life-force energy. Learn about each here.

Download These Usui Symbols

I hope you enjoyed this run-down of these gorgeous symbols. Upon request, I’ve put them together into an easy digital download (available at the button below) which can be printed in full color if desired. I just ask you please attribute the art to this site.

Reiki Symbols, in Sum

Which of these Reiki symbols most resonates with you? Which have you used most, either as a giver or receiver? Do share your experience in the comments section below.

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