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Chakra Balancing: All About Energy Healing

Welcome to a lesson about a wonderful and natural way to feel better: chakra balancing! First some background. Chakras are the energy centers in the body, and the seven traditional chakras run from the base of the spine (starting with the First or Root Chakra), up to the crown of the head (the Seventh or Crown Chakra).

There are also chakras above the body — like the Soul Star Chakra — and below the feet: the Earth Star Chakra. Each of the chakras is associated with a concept, and with chakra colors. For example, the Fifth or Throat Chakra is associated with finding one’s truthful voice, and has a blue aura.

When energy is flowing freely between your chakras, you feel centered, calm, confident, powerful, healthy, and content. However, it happens to all of us that this balance sometimes gets thrown out of whack!

Chakra Balancing
Chakra balancing, illustrated.

Blocked Chakras

What does it mean if your chakras are blocked, or are out of balance? It means that your body has clustered energy in one or two chakras, and/or cut off energy flow between the centers (often due to life circumstances) in a way that causes feelings of stress: physically, mentally, or emotionally. You may feel “off,” exhausted, irate, despondent, hazy, insecure, or confused about next steps in life.

What is Chakra Balancing?

There are a number of ways to unblock or balance your chakras if you get into this “off” state, and the result of this balancing is a blissful improvement in feelings of wellbeing and ease. Methods of balancing your chakras include: meditation, yoga, exercise, therapy, time outdoors, acupuncture, positive interactions with others, eating vibrantly healthy food, art, and my personal favorite, since I’m a Reiki practitioner: Reiki healing touch therapy!

Reiki Chakra Balancing

I run a Boston Reiki practice, and I have so many beautiful stories of how Reiki chakra balancing has transformed the way that people feel, for the better! As background before I share a story, my specialty is that I am able to see the vibrational aura colors of each person when I use my hand positions on them. This is a huge help in identifying which chakras are over-active, and which are blocked off, in order to realign and reconnect them.

Unblocking Chakras

Ready for an example? Last month, a woman came in for an hour-long Reiki treatment for stress. She lay down on the table, and as I began my hand movements, starting with her head and throat, I saw no colors, indicating an energy blockage. Then I got to her her Fourth or Heart Chakra (the center of compassionate love) — and suddenly we both began to cry. She had so much pent up emotion there, she later shared, from all the years of giving to others without receiving love or thanks in return!

I stayed at the heart hand position until the tears had subsided. Crying during Reiki can be immensely beneficial in releasing blockages and restoring balance, so I wanted to let the sobs run their course. As the woman’s breathing calmed, she exclaimed, “I see green!” Indeed, the Fourth Chakra has a green aura, so this indicated that her Heart Chakra had become unblocked. Hooray!

When I returned to her head, I put one hand on her Heart Chakra and the other on her Crown, helping the energy flow and connect from the unblocked heart area to the still-blocked head. The woman soon sighed happily: “I’m seeing purple and yellow!”

Excellent. A purple aura mixed with gold is what I — and many clients — often see when the body’s energy is unblocked and is flowing freely. (During this unblocking, I sometimes also see a magenta aura, meaning the entire chakra chain from the root of the spine (red) to the top of the head (purple) is now connected in red plus purple, which is magenta.)

When the woman walked out, she thanked me profusely, and said she felt more rested, joyful, and healthy than she had in a long time. We had achieved chakra balance!

Overly Active Chakras

Reiki chakra balancing takes many other forms. That example I just explained centered on a blocked chakra, but another version I’ve seen frequently is when one or two chakras are clearly over-active, dominating and stifling the energy centers, and thus throwing off balance.

For instance, a man came in recently whose orange aura was extremely bright and pulsing throughout his whole body. Orange is the color of the Second or Sacral Chakra, located just below the navel, and associated with creative and sensual energy. Upon talking, we realized that his artistic and sensual sides had been taking over his life — to the detriment of his compassionate, connected love side, and his spiritual side.

By the end of the session, the Reiki meditation hand positions helped the orange “chill out” and “step back” a little, allowing the purple of the Third Eye and Crown Chakras to find their energy again. When he left, the man had a much calmer and more connected, less jittery vibe, and said he felt more centered.

To be clear, none of the chakras is “bad” — it’s just that an intense imbalance causes problems, while balanced chakras bring good feelings. So what does it feel like to have your chakras balanced?

What to Expect After Chakra Balancing

After a good chakra balancing session, there are several things that may happen. First, you may feel an interesting combination of rested and tired. (See my article about feeling tired after Reiki session.) Your body has made huge strides in unblocking and integrating, and while you’re now in a more healthy state, it may take a few days to process. Make sure to drink plenty of water, get good rest, and try some light exercise like walking. If you’re comfortable sharing about your experience with another person (or journaling), that can greatly help the improvements stick.

Another surprise to expect after chakra balancing is that things may open up in your life — both internally and externally. For example, I received an expert Reiki session a few months back, and after it, my life came together and moved forward in amazing and positive ways that I didn’t expect. Internally, I also felt a new sense of calm, efficacy, and clarity, which assisted the excellent external life developments.

How Often Should You Do Energy Work?

If it’s so fabulous, how often should you do chakra balancing? As I explained in my article, “How Many Reiki Sessions are Needed?” doing energy work one time is better than zero, and multiple times — ideally in a regular schedule — is better than once.

If you search “Chakra Balancing Near Me” in any trusty internet search engine, you’ll likely find some good options nearby. If money is an issue, I encourage you to reach out to the practitioner to see if they’d consider a sliding scale for payment; many of us do, as we love helping people find balance and happiness.

Chakra Balancing, in Sum

I hope this article has helped you understand more about chakra balancing. Though it seems like a far-out, New Age concept, it’s actually quite logical and scientific. We all get out of balance sometimes, but luckily there are a number of methods — from meditation to Reiki — that can help us get energy flowing back into alignment again!