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Chakra Colors and Meanings: Seeing Healing in Meditation and Reiki

The Meditation Article Which Started This:

WOW! I’ve been bowled over by the response to my article, “Seeing Colors During Meditation: Purple and More.” People have written in from around the world that they have ALSO spontaneously started visualizing violet light while meditating or doing energy work like Reiki, and have ALSO pondered what these healing colors might mean. We are not alone!

Thank you to everyone who has written in so far, as each message puts together another piece of the puzzle as to why we are experiencing this phenomenon. I’ve also been doing more research and reading about chakra colors and meanings as they pertain to healing. From all this, a theory is starting to emerge, which I’ll lay out in this article. As always, feel free to chime in with your analysis and personal experience!

Chakra colors
My illustration of chakra colors.

Chakra Colors and Meanings

In the Hindu and Buddhist concept of “chakras,” the seven energy centers in our body are each associated with a color, physical location, and specific feeling and function. My illustration above attempts to summarize, and below is an elaboration, assisted by the excellent course on Insight Timer by The Wong Janice. (This background information will be essential for the upcoming theory about why we might see these healing colors while mediating.)

#1: Root Chakra – RED

This energy center at the base of the spine (by the tailbone) is about feeling safe and grounded. It is about freedom from fear, and is the foundational piece to us functioning well. (As a teacher, I immediately think of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, which upon reflection, shockingly mirror the chakras.) See my article about seeing red here.

#2: Sacral Chakra – ORANGE

This chakra is below the bellybutton, and is about pleasure and creativity. The Wong Janice explains that a mantra for it would be, “I am free,” because it is about being healed from guilt.

#3: Solar Plexus Chakra – YELLOW

Above your bellybutton in the center of the torso, this energy center is about about confidence, personal power, self-love, and personality. The mantra for it could be “I am accepted,” as this healing color and chakra is about freedom from shame, and being happy expressing your full self.

#4: Heart Chakra – GREEN

Located in your chest center, by your heart, this chakra is about giving and receiving love. What’s interesting to me is that what blocks this chakra is grief. We often think of the opposite of love as being hate, but in fact it’s more sadness and fear of loss which block free heart connection.

#5: Throat Chakra – BLUE

This energy center is in your throat, and is about speaking truthfully and powerfully. This healing color is about freedom from lies, and effecting change via voice.

#6: Third Eye Chakra – INDIGO

Located on the forehead, this chakra is about intuition. The mantra that goes with it could be “I see clearly,” as this healing color is about freedom from illusions.

#7: Crown Chakra – PURPLE (sometimes WHITE)

The top of the head is where this highest energy center sits, and it is about enlightenment, spirituality, and one’s higher purpose. The Wong Janice suggests a mantra for it could be “I surrender,” as it can be blocked by attachments, and holding too tightly to small parts of the material world. (See my exploration on seeing a white aura here.)

There are several other ways to see the chakra system beyond just seven, one of which is the 12-chakra system, which includes Chakra #0: Earth Star Chakra.

Seeing yellow during meditation
Do you see yellow during meditation?

Could the Colors be Chakra Healing Power?

Now that we have an overview of the chakra colors and functions, here’s the theory: Could the color(s) we are visualizing during meditation or energy work be a specific chakra healing in a specific way? Further, could each of us have one or two dominant chakras (different for each person) which play the biggest part in helping us recenter?

For example, when I’m seeing yellow during meditation, is that the solar plexus chakra healing me by boosting confidence, personal power, and feelings of acceptance? (I’m a person with lots of self-love, so it would make sense that this is one of the chakras which most supports my revitalization during mindful practice.)

Is my friend who reported seeing blue during meditation actually receiving healing from her throat chakra, gaining strength in her powerful verbal expression? This would make sense, since she’s one of the best speakers I know in her field.

When I’m seeing red during a Reiki session, is that because the person I’m touching has very strong First (Root) Chakra energy, meaning they are grounded and free from fear?

Is the woman who wrote that she sees green during Reiki actually tapping into her heart center, and specifically gaining the power of giving and receiving love, in order to heal her grief? In our moments of mindful self-renewal, is it our strongest chakra which comes to the rescue to heal us?

Chakra Colors VIDEO:

An Alternate Theory: Crown Chakra Colors

While the chakra healing colors theory I just laid out makes some sense, the vast majority of people seem to see just purple and yellow. Why are those colors so predominant? A possible solution lies in this fact: the crown chakra is not just associated with purple… it’s also sometimes seen as white or gold! (Yes, yellow might not mean the third chakra, but rather, the seventh.)

Given this, when this group of us is spontaneously visualizing purple and gold, we might actually be tapping into the healing power of our 7th chakra: Sahasrara, the “bridge to the cosmos.” It stands to reason that the liminal space of meditation or energy work connect us to this chakra of enlightenment, spirituality, and higher wisdom.

Are You Around Boston?

Long shot, but if you’re around Boston, Massachusetts, I now run a Reiki healing touch studio, and I’m so curious to try a session with other people who see colors during bodywork like I do! If that’s you, do reach out.

What Do YOU Make of Chakra Colors, Meanings, and Healing?

It has been an endless joy to get all of your messages about your experience with seeing colors and meditation, and I’m so curious to hear your new thoughts and experiences around how you think chakra colors and meanings might relate. Does the color you see (and the possible healing effect you experience) correlate with a specific energy center described? Do share!

Chakra Colors

Each of the 7 chakras on the body is associated with a color of the rainbow, and a meaning. Learn what each of the chakra colors connects with, and how to facilitate and interpret healing for seeing and connecting with each.

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Soheila Hakimi

Tuesday 30th of March 2021

I see white! Does that mean I'm healing and will be finding my higher purpose?

Lillie Marshall

Tuesday 30th of March 2021

I also sometimes see white (often sparkly) during energy work and think you're right that it's correlated with the crown chakra.


Tuesday 30th of March 2021

Hi Lillie, thanks for opening this discussion, it’s a pleasure :). I like your theory. It could also be that the colours we see more effortlessly, for me that’s purple and yellow, represent the energy centres that are most activated within each of us and so they’re present without any intention.

Lillie Marshall

Tuesday 30th of March 2021

Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment, Izzy! Yes, that really makes sense that the ones we see are the ones most activated. It really makes me wonder what we could develop through practice and focusing on activating the others.


Tuesday 30th of March 2021

Wow, this is fascinating! I didn't know that chakras are associated with different colors. Really enjoyed reading your articles.

Lillie Marshall

Tuesday 30th of March 2021

Thanks for reading, Biana! There are so many layers to learn about chakras and healing.

Katie Hughes

Monday 29th of March 2021

I’d never heard of the chakras having colours before!

Lillie Marshall

Monday 29th of March 2021

Indeed, during my years of yoga and mediation training, the guidance is often to try to visualize a certain color if you're trying to heal a certain chakra or aspect of your being. This article is about what it might mean when the opposite happens: You spontaneously see the colors during energy work or relaxation.

Fiona Maclean

Monday 29th of March 2021

This is fascinating - and well-timed for Holi!

Lillie Marshall

Monday 29th of March 2021

True! I love that colorful Indian festival!

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