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Cute Drawings: Sketches to Make You Smile

Are you ready for a whole bunch of colorful cute drawings that make you say, “Aww — so cute!” and smile? You’re in luck, because here it is.

First, a bit of background. My name is Lillie, and I’m an artist, mother of two young kids, and teacher who specializes in creating educational cartoons and creative drawings that help people learn and boost happiness through sweet visuals.

Cute drawings
Cute drawings bring happiness!

What this means is that over the years that I’ve been publishing my work on this website (since early 2020), I’ve amassed quite a collection of cute drawings! In this article, I will share some of the most delightful sketches, and also discuss what makes art cute. There are many benefits of drawing, but also benefits to looking at pleasing art; it lifts up the mood!

At the end of the long list, I’ll ask you which is your favorite image. If you’d like, each of the entries below leads to a longer article, if you’d like to click through and check it out. Or you could just scroll the happy and colorful artwork, and feel good! Why is art important? It feeds the soul!

Cute Drawings

Ready to see some cute drawings that are bursting with adorable, colorful happiness to make you smile and feel good? Here you go!

Cute Drawings, in Sum

I hope this big list of cute drawings has cheered you up and made you feel good — and maybe even better than before if you were feeling down and needed and pick-me-up. I’m always adding to this list, and am particularly fond of our cute mushroom drawing illustrations!

Now I’m curious to hear from you: Which of the sweet sketches above was your favorite, and why? Which new images would you like for me to try to create? I’d love to hear your cute drawing ideas, so do share.

Now, this list was all about LOOKING at fun drawings, but if you’d like to try your hand at making your own works of art, either digitally or with pen and paper, check out my list of easy drawing prompts, and vibrant art prompts — good for all ages.

Want to see something else that’s really funny and cute? Check out these photos of cute llamas on my other site