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Person Bouncing in an Ice Cream Cone?!

Hello! Were you looking for the most random drawing possible today? Good news — you came to the right place. What follows is a cartoon of a person happily bouncing through a field of grass with an ice cream cone as a pogo stick.

Cartoon person inside ice cream cone with cherry on top

Didn’t see that coming?

Well, here it is. Her hair is purple and her joy is exuberant as the cherry atop her head waggles in the wind. Clearly she has been hoping for this situation for a long time, and at last the opportunity is here.

VIDEO of my Drawing Process:

What would you do in a similar situation? Would you be surprised that the cone was suddenly made of magically bouncy material instead of crunching cookie? Would you wonder how you became half human and half frozen dessert confection? All good questions.

Did you enjoy the ice cream randomness? What shall I draw next?