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Purple and Orange Hair With Wild Style

Are you seeking a new look? Allow two delightful cartoon ladies to lead the way to fashion passion, via their vibrant hair colors and clothing pizzaz!

Cartoon of blue and purple hair: Long on one side, short on the other.
Blue and purple hair: Long on one side, short on the other.

Blue and Purple Hair: Long Plus Short

Above we have one option: A long cascade of blueberry-shaded tresses. Should you forget your coat on a chilly day, this side of your mane can keep you cozy. On the right is electric purple, cactus spiky and short: Ideal for when you want to impale someone’s cheek with your hair. Who says you can’t have it all?

This style goes very will with a striped green shirt and 5-layer skirt. Have layer skirts gone out of fashion? Were they ever in? Who cares! They’re awesome, and also highly fun to draw, so let’s bring them back.

Drawing of orange hair, yellow pearls, and a green dress.
Orange hair, yellow pearls, and a green dress.

Orange Hair Goes Well With Green

Ooo, you thought I only drew cartoons, eh? Not the case! As this woman above demonstrates, I can also offer you a thoughtful lass with a large amount of makeup, pumpkin-orange hair in curls and crimps, and a green dress with pink frilly froth up top.

VIDEO: How Were These Drawings Made?

Isn’t the the drawing process magical?

What this image explains is that if you’re going to go orange with your mane, it’s time to load up on lime green and forest colored clothes. As the super-villain Poison Ivy demonstrates, those colors go together like peanut butter and jelly… or maybe like a whale and elephant.

Are YOU tempted to dye your hair now (or chop off half of it, or crimp it, or wear a layered skirt)? Do share!

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