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Cherry Drawing: Easy, Cute Instructions

I’m excited about the next installment of our cute food drawings round-up. Yes, that’s right: it’s time for some adorable and easy cherry drawing fun!

As background, I’m an artist and teacher named Ms. Marshall who hand-draws each and every illustration on this site. As you may have realized in my pumpkin drawing tutorial, all of my art has happy cartoon eyes for your enjoyment. In this lesson, you can choose to keep that personified face in, or just draw the cherries. Ready? Let’s go!

Cherry drawing black and white
We start our cherry drawing in black and white.

Cherry Drawing

As I explained in our mushroom drawing lesson, please feel free to alter any of the instructions below. Art is about gaining confidence in your own creativity, so take these steps as suggestions, not requirements.

1. Draw round shapes with a flat top.

To make each fruit look like itself, it’s essential to notice the distinctive shape. Though cherries are round (somewhat like our hard candy drawing), they have a flat top with a deep indent for the stem.

How many cherries should you draw? Unlike our drawing of an umbrella, which usually just has one of the item in question, cherries are usually sketched in bunches of two or three.

Add color to our cute fruit cartoon.
Add color to our cute fruit cartoon.

2. Add leaves to the top of the stem.

Though not all real cherries come with leaves attached, I highly recommend you add them into our art piece. Why? Because the opposite of green is red on the RYB color wheel, that means the two together are complementary colors that add visual interest.

3. Don’t forget the shine!

A key characteristic of cherries is that they are shinier than other fruit. Even before we begin the shading or highlights, make sure your cartoon has a sliver of shine in one corner.

Cherry drawing
Cherry drawing, complete!

4. Add rich, deep red color to our cherry drawing.

If you look at photos of real cherries (not our cartoon version), you’ll see that they’re usually not bright red unless they’re candied and dyed maraschino cherries — rather, they’re a deep, rich burgundy or maroon color (what red and black make when mixed together). There’s even a touch of purple in there!

5. Put in highlights and shading.

As with our easy spider drawing, adding dark shading around the bottom and sides, and highlights in the middle works wonders for making a round shape look three-dimensional. Use a bright red for the middle of the fruit to make it “pop” outward — and have a cute blushing look!

Congratulations — your piece of art is complete. Now, let’s check out what the time-lapse video of the drawing process looks like from start to finish, as we did with our candle drawing

VIDEO: How to Draw Cherries
See the time-lapse video of my art process here.

Cherry Drawing, in Sum

I hope this tutorial on cute, easy cherry drawing in a cartoon style has been enjoyable and enlightening. What other easy drawing ideas would you like me to illustrate and explain? Do share!

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