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What Color Do Pink and Yellow Make, Mixed?

For today’s installment of our color mixing chart adventures, we shall explore a delicious question: What color do pink and yellow make when mixed together? The answer is both beautiful and yummy.

As background, my name is Lillie, and I’m an artist and teacher who revels in answering such creative queries as: “What are tertiary colors?” and “Blue and brown make what color?” Incidentally, I also enjoy eating, so you’ll notice that this article has some food references, too. Burp!

Now, let’s get this party started by ogling how good pink and yellow look when swirled together in my illustration, below. Kind of like two kinds of lemonade, or cotton candy and lemon sweets! Similarly jolly-looking to pink and purple together. Mmm.

What color do pink and yellow make?
What color do pink and yellow make?

Yellow + Pink = ?

In order to predict what yellow and pink make when combined, let’s first review this question, except replacing pink with red, since pink is just a lighter version of red. The answer to “What does red and yellow make?” is: the secondary color, orange!

We can therefore deduce that the color combination in question here yields some version of orange. But what type of orange, exactly? My pink plus yellow illustration, below, shows how there is a range of answers.

Depending on your “ingredient” shades that are inputting into the mix, you can get a flavor of orange-pink (that’s closer to pink) and is a called salmon color — although that version of warm pink is more the result of what pink and orange make, not yellow. In fact, the main result yielded from pink plus yellow is a pinkish-orange (closer to orange than pink) with a special name…

The colors yellow and pink mixed together
The colors yellow and pink mixed together.

How to Make the Color Peach

Though you can get the other hues shown above, the traditional answer to what pink and orange make when mixed is: the color PEACH! This is a very useful color (or colour if you’re British) because it has a real-world reference point: the juicy fruit called a peach. Drool.

Fun fact: peaches are actually part of the rose family — which perhaps is part of why they have that rosy hue. This is supposed to be just a color mixing tutorial, but I couldn’t help sketching out one of my cute drawings for you of a personified peach, shown below! She sends you her best regards.

Peach color, on a peach drawing!
Peach color, on a peach drawing!

What Color Do Pink and Yellow Make?

I hope this tutorial on what pink and yellow make — peach — has been useful as well as enjoyable. If you’d like to continue on this rainbow journey, feel free to check out the related investigations: “What do red and orange make?” and, “What do purple and red make?” Happy mixing!

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