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Cute Drawing Ideas: 24 Easy Prompts for All

Sometimes we all need a little happy sweetness in our lives: a chance to say, “Aww! So cute!” To that end, here is a big and bubbly list of 24 cute drawing ideas — easy, simple sketching prompts — to get your pencil or pen moving across the page (or digital art screen, as the case may be).

These easy, cute drawings include fluffy animals, characters with hilarious expressions, and food and cool natural objects personified into life. Each of these tutorials was hand-created by me, Lillie Marshall, an artist and teacher, and comes with instructions, as well as giggle-worthy commentary.

The quick and simple drawing prompts here are for kids and adults alike — any age can enjoy, from a teenage virtuoso to an elder beginner. I’m always adding to this list, so feel free to submit your own adorable drawing ideas!

Cute Drawing Ideas

See easy, cute drawing ideas here for all ages to get your creativity going. Clicking the button under any prompt to see the simple tutorial lessons for each.

The Best Easy, Adorable Sketching Ideas

So what do you think are the most fun prompts for simple, cute drawings to make you say, “So adorable!” and squeal? I have several favorites. My first is the easy octopus drawing, because it’s adorable but takes just a few minutes of satisfyingly sliding my pen across the page. We can ignore the biological fact that the mouth of an octopus should be underneath its body and just revel in how lovely it looks.

My second favorite is tied between the wind drawings and the sad monster who just wants to eat a big slice of cake. Those giant, shiny eyes are such a fabulously cute juxtaposition with the fact that it’s supposed to be a scary monster!

Cute drawing ideas
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Which Easy, Cute Drawing Ideas Do You Like?

Which of the cute drawing ideas on this list will you try first? Did you like the mushroom drawing? What cool, happy art prompt is missing here that I should add for simple art that makes us smile?

What other easy drawing ideas do you want me to illustrate and explain? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below, so feel free to share!

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