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Zonar Reiki Symbol, and Halu Symbol: Beautiful

What are the Zonar Reiki symbol, and how is it related to the Halu symbol? In Reiki, the Japanese form of relaxation that uses gentle touch, there are a series of Reiki symbols that practitioners visualize to to help focus the mind and energy.

In the traditional Usui system, there are four main symbols, including Cho Ku Rei, the Power Symbol, and Sei Hei Ki, the Harmony Symbol. However, over the years, other forms of Reiki have developed, and brought with them a series of beautiful and powerful new symbols. Our focus today is on the latter.

As background, my name is Lillie and I’ve been practicing Reiki in Boston, Massachusetts since 2018. What I write in my Reiki articles is the result of in-person experience and training. Since I’m also an artist, I hand-draw each of the illustrations shown. See the theme? I’m a real person and not a robot or random content producer!

Zonar symbol
The Zonar symbol, hand-drawn in color.

The Zonar Reiki Symbol

Both the Zonar Reiki symbol (and Halu, which we will discuss next) are part of the Karuna Reiki system. This framework has several symbols in addition to Usui’s foundational four, including: the Om symbol, Rasa, Harth, Rama, Gnosa, the Shanti symbol, Kriya, Shanthi, and Iava. Zonar is the first in this series.

How to draw the Zonar symbol? You begin by drawing the letter “Z” then add an infinity or sideways number “8” repeated three times on top. In my illustration above, I’ve indicated that triple loop by three different colors (or colours, if you’re British).

Zonar Reiki symbol
A different drawing of the Zonar Reiki symbol.

Meaning of Zonar

What does the Zonar symbol mean in Reiki? To get the full meaning of any of these symbols, it’s important to do a full training to understand their use and context. That said, the broad overview of Zonar is that it is about deep healing across time, and breaking harmful cycles.

While Reiki is not a miracle cure for everything that ails a person, I will say that in my practice, I’ve found the Zonar symbol to be fabulously powerful. Whenever I use it — especially paired with Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, the Distance Healing Symbol, it makes me smile with its burst of energy. There is a real healing release that comes with it!

Halu Reiki symbol
The Halu Reiki symbol, drawn.

The Halu Symbol

What about the Halu Reiki symbol? Look closely at my illustration above, and you’ll see that the Zonar symbol is inside it! Halu is an amplification or super-charging of Zonar. (One cause of feeling tired after a Reiki session is that the body does a lot of intense work to restore wellbeing!)

To draw Halu, start with Zonar (don’t forget that the infinity sign is traced three times, not once), then close the triangles by drawing lines from each tip of the “Z” to the center, and complete the pyramid up top, with a circle at the very crown.

The Halu and Zonar Reiki Symbol, in Sum

Symbols have great power to calm and focus the mind and energy, and what’s delightful is that they’re all around us. Take the highly creative ampersand “and symbol,” for example, or the artsy Pi symbol in mathematics!

In the world of Reiki, the Halu and Zonar Reiki symbol build upon the beautiful Dai Ko Myo Master Symbol, and Raku symbol to help channel and clarify intentions for energy flow and results. While mystical symbols may seem “out there” or hard to believe, there is nothing mysterious about the power of focusing intention. On or off the Reiki table, it works!

Want more? Check out my articles on “Reiki Principles” — wonderful mantras to live better every day, and “Reiki Meditation.”

Carol Kellgren

Thursday 26th of October 2023

I am a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher level. I have seen the Karuna symbols for years and would love to become attuned. I don't know any Karuna Masters in my area. Would you be able to refer me to either a master in my area or one that can do distance attunments? The artwork for your article are beautiful and the information is extremely helpful. Thank you for your ability to instruct and willingness to share with others. You are a blessing to all Reiki practitioners. Thank you.

Lillie Marshall

Thursday 26th of October 2023

Thank you for your kind words, and your great question. I've actually found it rather difficult to find Karuna Reiki attunements, but they are out there. I might suggest going right to the source which is William Lee Rand and Reiki dot org. He offers both in-person and distance workshops. Do also report back if you find other great options. Sending good energy!