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A Cute Cartoon Cactus Drawing Saying Hello!

Which cartoon does a gal pick to create for the first post on her new drawing blog? Upon reflection, the answer was clear: a cactus. But not just any cute cactus cartoon drawing — a friendly one, proudly declaring his identity!

Cactus cartoon, funny and cute
Hello! I’m a cute cactus cartoon drawing.

Why Draw a Cactus?

I mean, why NOT draw a cactus cartoon in the desert? But in all seriousness, there were several reasons I picked it. First, I was feeling nervous — PRICKLY, even, to sketch the first drawing for this new happy art site.

Would I still be able to draw after all these years away from my daily cartoon? Would drawing digitally with a stylus and the ProCreate app on my new iPad be a smooth transition after years of paper and pencil? The answer to both these questions was, blessedly, YES!

Second, this actually came to me in a dream. While drifting off to sleep last night, the image of a happy cactus appeared. Something about the swoop of the spiky guy’s body lines caught my spirit. After so many years of not drawing daily, those smooth cactus limbs called to me — as did the jaggedy spikes to add after.

Time-Lapse Video of Drawing the Cactus Cartoon:

Indeed, Mr. Cute Cactus Cartoon Drawing did not disappoint, and the curves of his limbs were every bit as delightful to draw as the vision predicted. (Edited add-on a few months later: I enjoyed creating these similar face and body curves in my subsequent octopus cartoon, snail drawing and certain aqua creative drawings.)

I hope you enjoy gazing at Mr. Cactus! What shall I draw next??? (If you want an idea of the weird stuff I like drawing, check out this tulip cartoon my friend requested.) Do feel free to suggest an idea in the comments below…

Shan Shan

Wednesday 3rd of June 2020

What a cute cactus!! Does he have a name? Draw my new dog next!!! Or my kitties!!

Lillie Marshall

Wednesday 3rd of June 2020

Ooo, good question! Maybe Mister Prickles? I also got the question how I know he's male. I guess I just know it in my heart. Next character will be female, though. Thanks for the request for the next drawing... We shall see what I can do!


Wednesday 3rd of June 2020

Hello cactus!

Lillie Marshall

Wednesday 3rd of June 2020

He sends his regards. Congrats on being this new site's first ever comment!