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Cute Snail Drawing: Easy Cartoon Art

You may have stumbled across this article and set of pictures because you’re searching for a cartoon snail drawing. Alternately, you may be investigating how to make easy, cute drawings of snails, yourself.

Either way, you’re in luck. My name is Lillie, and I’m an artist and teacher who’s happy to welcome you to this snail art party! I hand-draw each and every illustration on this site, and have a special fondness for cute, easy animal drawings.

Drawing of a snail
My drawing of a snail…

Drawing the Snail Shell

To begin sketching a snail, I always start with the spiral in the middle of the shell body. That swirl gesture is the most fun part of creative drawings for me!

Swoop your pen or pencil round and round until you have about three or four layers of shell, then extend the line out into either a head (pictured above) or tail (pictured below). Add some creative colors (or colours, if you’re British), and layer on some shading.

Cute cartoon snail
Cute cartoon snail, speeding!

Making the Snail Cute

To make your snail drawing cuter, here are a few tips. First, sketch the eyes nice and big and googly, and make sure there’s a glint of light (represented by a white streak) in the pupils to show kindness. (This is a vital part of our cute drawings of animals.)

Add in a joke or two about speed or slowness, since snails are notoriously slow. (One answer to “Why is art important?” is it makes us happy, so don’t be shy about inducing a giggle or two!) Draw in a happy smile and some shiny snail slime, and then place two silly-looking antenna on top of the snail’s head.

Snail drawing
Psychedelic snail drawing!

Do Snails Have Antennae?

Um… uh oh. In researching “do snails have antennae” just now to double check whether I drew the snail anatomy correctly, I was shocked to realize that all these drawings that I’ve created here are actually inaccurate. It turns out that the eyes of the snail are actually ON top of their antennae! Noooo!

VIDEO: Drawing a Snail
See a time lapse of how I drew these snails.

Snail Eyes are ON the Antennae?!

Yes, you heard that correctly — this article contains four snail drawings where the eyes are incorrectly sketched on the little faces, instead up on to of the antennae where they should be. I messed up. Clearly I’m an artist and English teacher — not a malacologist (scientist who studies mollusks).

Well, drat. I guess you can use these snail drawings for amusement, and to make your own — just not to pass any test about real snail science?! It’s highly annoying when nature makes a choice that’s less cute than an artist’s representation. (See my octopus drawing and sea urchin drawing tutorials for similar anatomical problems.)

Cute snail
Cute snail speeding along!

Cute Snail Drawing, in Sum

Is there a moral to this inaccurately-drawn snail saga? I mean, if you draw a part of an animal incorrectly, is it even still that animal? (That could be a good question to add to my drawing prompts and cute drawing ideas list.) Like, are these snail drawings at all, or have they morphed into some other imaginary creature due to the wrong eye placement?

Is one of the benefits of drawing that it expands our understanding of living creatures? I eagerly await your thoughts in the comment section below.

How to draw a snail
How to draw a snail: there are some choices to make for it to be cute!

If you enjoyed this discussion of snail art, but want an even more relaxing activity, bop on over to my animal coloring pages printable. There you’ll find sixteen printable cartoon illustrations of animals that you can download and color in!

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