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A Tulip Cartoon in a Time Lapse Art Video

I’m thrilled to report the first drawing request has come in, and been fulfilled! And it’s a hilarious one. The suggestion came from my friend Ryan, a photographer and blogger I met in Turkey years ago. His request was as follows: Please draw me sitting inside a tulip.Granted, Ryan!

Tulip cartoon
This tulip man cartoon was requested by Ryan.

Which Drawing Requests Get Granted?

This example shows the kind of cartoons and art I shall happily create for you on Drawings Of… Now, I did get a few other requests already asking for me to draw an existing character that is from a TV show or movie, but… I’m rabidly independent, and repetition is not how I roll.

I will not copy someone else’s style or ideas. Those have already been done. I’m in this for the mind EXPANSION, not duplication. (Heck — there are a million Queen of Hearts templates I could have copied, but I chose to make 3 psychedelic ones instead…)

What I WILL do in the world of drawing requests is to DIVE into deeply unique bizarreness with you. From ice cream bouncing to green-haired fairies, that random delight is my euphoria. I hope that helps as you scheme your next request: CREATIVE drawings! Speaking of green hair, after I drew Ryan’s tulip man, I was inspired to create a gal with hair the color of the tulip stem…

Green hair
A green-haired beauty, inspired by the tulip leaves.

See a Time-Lapse Video of the Drawings’ Creation:

Now, for some art context, the ProCreate drawing app that I use to create art with my stylus has a particularly fabulous feature: It records the entire drawing process! You can see a time-lapse in this video here of how I created the tulip man, and then the lady. It’s very clear here how many times I erased a line or changed a color! Drawing is all about experimenting and changing.

See the entire drawing process here!

Any Questions?

So now that you’ve heard about the drawing request selection process and seen the video of how two pieces are made, what questions or comments do you have? Do share

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