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Christmas Drawings: Easy, Cute Instructions

Our holiday drawings need more festive spirit, so it’s time for a big roundup of all the Christmas drawings I’ve created! That’s right: to gear up for December 25, you’ve come to the right place for cute, easy cartoon art featuring Santa, gifts and presents, a snowman, a Christmas tree with lights, and more — perfect for all ages.

Who is the person writing this article? My name is Ms. Marshall, and I’m an artist and teacher who adores sharing cute drawing ideas and tutorials. I hand-draw each and every illustration on this site, and write my lessons with love. Ready for today’s creative inspiration? Let’s go!

Christmas Drawings

Here is a growing list of festive Christmas drawings: easy, cute instructions for all ages to be merry and creative.

Which Christmas Drawings Are Your Favorites?

Looking at this big round-up, which holiday art and Christmas drawings are your favorite? I’m partial to the present drawing, myself.

How to Spell Christmas

In addition to being an artist, I’m also an English teacher, so I can’t resist adding in a lesson on how to spell Christmas. In fact, this holiday belongs on our list of hard words to spell, because people often leave out the “t” in the middle, or add an extra “s” at the end, writing misspellings such as “Chrismas” or “Chrismass,” or “Christmass.”

The history of the holiday helps us remember the spelling: it is “Christmas,” with a “t” in the middle, and just one “s” at the end. Now, what about its capitalization?

Christmas drawings
Christmas drawings are fun!

Is Christmas Capitalized?

The answer to “Is Christmas capitalized?” is less complicated than the details in our article, “Is Happy New Year Capitalized?” Because Christmas is a holiday and all holidays are proper nouns, it should ALWAYS be capitalized.

That said, be careful not to capitalize the words around it, unless they are part of the proper noun, such as “Christmas Day.” For example, as we learned in our Christmas tree drawing article, the “tree” remains lower case unless it’s part of a heading or title, because it’s a common noun.

Christmas Drawings, in Sum

I hope this round-up of Christmas drawings (plus the spelling and capitalization lesson) has been useful and jolly for you! What art would you like me to illustrate and teach next? Do share!

Want more? Check out my Christmas coloring pages for free printable sheets that make an easy, fun art activity for all ages.