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Snowman Drawing: Cute, Easy Instructions

As we continue our winter drawing ideas, I realized I was missing a key art tutorial: how to make a cute, easy snowman drawing! Today I’ll show you a method that’s a little different (and in some ways, simpler) than usual.

As background, I am an artist and teacher named Ms. Marshall, and I love using cute drawing ideas with my students. I hand-draw each and every picture on this site, and type these words with love. Ready for the lesson? Let’s go!

Snowman drawing black and white
We start our snowman drawing in black and white.

Snowman Drawing

As I explained with our Santa drawing tutorial, please feel free to modify my instructions here in any way you see fit. Creativity is about making your own choices, so go wild with what works for YOU!

1. Start with a pencil sketch.

As you can see in my time-lapse art video below, it’s particularly important when drawing a snowman to start with a pencil sketch that is later erased. Why? The three large “snowballs” that make up the figure need to be carefully stacked, and it takes some tinkering to get it right.

Add in color, using purple and blue.
Add in color, using purple and blue.

2. Consider the facial features on our snowman drawing.

Traditionally, a snowman has a carrot nose (or other veggie), and coal eyes and mouth. Here’s the problem: I don’t find those very cute to draw.

Therefore, as we did with our snail drawing, let’s deviate from tradition or reality in order to create a more adorable result and leave those out. As you can see from my drawing below, I did follow tradition with the coal buttons, stick arms, and hat and scarf, though.

Snowman drawing
Snowman drawing cuteness.

3. Add color to make white snow more exciting.

Snow is technically white, but it’s not that thrilling to have a white on white drawing. Therefore, we can use a fun trick: use light purple and light cyan (a bluish green) to add interest to the shading! To incorporate even more visual pleasure, make the sky pink for a sunset, and the scarf and hat bright colors.

4. Put in shading, highlights, and snow.

See above for how I put shading around each big “snowball” and added highlights to create depth, as we did with our mushroom drawing. Sprinkle in some bright white blotches to show the snow whirling around, and you’re all set. (Er, it’s worth it to note here that our snowman might actually be a snow-woman or snow-person, but it’s all adorable.)

VIDEO: How to Draw an Easy Snowman

See a time-lapse video of my art process.

A Snowy Weather Spelling Note

Since I’m an English teacher in addition to being an artist, I feel the need to incorporate a quick editing lesson. In the “weather vs. whether” spelling quandary, the word you’re looking for with regard to snow is “weather.”

It’s come to my attention that some people have been spelling it “weitheraccidentally, but that’s simply not a word. Don’t use it!

Snowman Drawing, in Sum

I hope this snowman drawing lesson has been jolly and festive for you, bringing winter cheer! What would you like me to illustrate next, after our present drawing tutorial? Do share!

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