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Holiday Drawings, Art, Lessons, and Activities!

Are you looking for holiday drawings and art for everything from Valentine’s Day in February of each year, to the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve? What about lessons on how to correctly write the name of each festive day: from apostrophe use to capitalization? You’ve come to the right place!

Holiday art and lessons.
Holiday art and lessons, illustrated!

My name is Lillie, and I’m an artist and English teacher who delights in hand-illustrating holiday art, as well as explaining the punctuation and spelling rules that trip up adults and kids alike — such as “How to spell Halloween, and is it capitalized?” I’ve been working on a growing compilation of holiday articles that I’ve gathered below for your enjoyment and education. Enjoy!

Holiday Drawings, Art, and Lessons

See fun, cute holiday drawings and art, plus lessons on how to correctly write the names of each of these festive days. Many of the articles here have free activities showing how to create illustrations for each special occasion.

Holiday Drawings, Art, and Lessons, in Sum

So which holiday drawings, art, and lessons in this round-up is your favorite? I’m partial to Pi Day, myself, because I enjoyed doing it with my students, but the shamrock in my St. Patrick’s Day piece has also stolen my heart. Cute little clover!

So what new holidays should I illustrate and add to this growing list? Should I begin getting into international, world holidays, or bizarre and obscure ones? I’m open to anything that would go well with my whimsical style of cartoon drawings, so feel free to add your requests to the comments section below! Do share…

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