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What Colors Make Pink? Surprising Options!

Welcome, color mixing friends! Today we will answer the question: “What colors make pink when mixed together?” There is one obvious answer, then a whole lot of surprising other solutions.

As background, my name is Lillie and I’m an artist and teacher who has done dozens of hands-on experiments to solve such queries as, “What are Intermediate Colors?” and the ever-popular and exciting question, “What colors make brown?” Let’s start by analyzing my illustration of six different ways to make pink…

What colors make pink?
What colors make pink? The answer is actually expansive.

How to Make Pink

In investigating what colors make pink, we will start with the simplest answer, then an easy variation on it. After that, we’ll get a little wild and crazy about this color (or colour, if you’re British).

1. What colors make pink? Red plus white!

Mixing the pigments red and white will produce various shades of pink, because in its essence, the color pink is just light red. Now let’s take this up a notch, because one answer to why is art important is that it shows us there is more than one way to do something…

2. Red plus a very light version of any other color (tints).

Some background vocabulary: “tints” are lighter versions of a color created by adding white. This is the opposite concept to “shades,” which are darker versions of a color yielded by adding black — such as in our “Red and black make what color?” experiment.

Given that red plus white equals pink, this means that you can also get pink by adding red to any other color that’s been tinted so light that it’s almost white. You can see this demonstrated in my illustration above: Red and yellow make pink if the yellow is a light enough tint. By this logic, you’ll notice in my drawing that red and orange make pink, too, if the orange is super light.

This even works for colors that don’t usually combine to form anything close to pink. For example, red and green make a dark and muddy brown color — but if the green is tinted so light it’s just white with a hint of green, it can result in pink when added to red. Magic!

3. Red or pink plus purple.

The third relatively straightforward way to make pink is by combining red or pink plus purple. Red and purple make the vibrant pink color, magenta — and pink and purple make a lighter version of it!

Now that we have the simplest methods of making the color pink under our belts, let’s add in the more shocking options…

What Colors Make Pink?

Though the obvious answer to "What colors make pink?" is red plus white, there are several other surprising pigment combinations that will do the trick. See them here...

What Colors Make Pink, in Sum

Now that you know the full options of what colors make pink beyond just red plus white, and red plus purple, which are your favorite options? Do share! If you want to continue on this journey, check out, “Is Pink a Warm Color?” (such a surprisingly complex answer), and “What Colors Make Purple?”

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