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Scorpio Symbol: Zodiac and Astrology Art!

As an artist, I’ve always been fascinated by symbols — everything from the creative beauty of the ampersand “and symbol,” to the clean, mathematical utility of the Pi symbol. Therefore, it’s somewhat shocking that it took so long for me to realize how cool the zodiac symbols are. But which of the twelve astrology signs should start illustrating first? I quickly decided: it would be the Scorpio symbol.

Why did I choose to begin my zodiac drawing journey with Scorpio? Several reasons. First, it’s the most exciting sign to sketch, in my opinion, because it has numerous curves, and several thrilling variations. Second, though I’m a Libra, myself, I’ve been drawn all my life to people with this October 24 – November 21 astrological sign. There’s something so exciting about that moody scorpion energy. Now, let’s whip out our pens and start the art…

Scorpio Symbol
My first Scorpio symbol drawing.

Scorpio Variants

Ready to draw the Scorpio symbol? First, you should know that there are several different variants for how to sketch the sign — as we saw in our tutorial about the many methods for how to draw a treble Clef symbol.

What are these Scorpio variants? Well, the basic idea is that the sign is an “M” shape with the final “leg” or column culminating in an arrow — or scorpion tail. However, every part of that shape can be modified by flourishes.

Above, I’ve drawn the symbol with simple straight legs, pointy mountain peak-ed tops, and a simple arrow. Below, I added a curly-cue to the start of the “M” on the left, and made the first “leg” into an artful loop. I also let the “arm” of the arrow drape lower onto the page for glamor. Fun, right? Let’s see what other mischief we can make with this shape, while still maintaining its integrity.

Scorpio zodiac symbol
Scorpio zodiac symbol fun!

More Scorpio Art

Ready to add even more flair? Check out my illustration below, which adds different thicknesses to the shape, thus giving it more of a cute cartoons feel — a playfulness, if you will. The scorpion tail looks like a spear in this version!

Scorpio sign
My third Scorpio sign illustration.

Adding Loops, Curves, and Swirls to the “M” Shape

Inspired by the curves of the tranquil Om symbol, I decided to lean all the way into adding loops, and ended up with this beautiful Scorpio sign variant, below. I just couldn’t resist adding rainbows to decorate its lines, since I aim to make everything as colorful (or colourful, if you’re British) as possible.

I love how the loops look on this one.

Is Scorpio Capitalized?

A quick digression for an English lesson. Unlike the infuriating answer to “Are seasons capitalized?” there’s a much more logical response to, “Is Scorpio capitalized?” The answer is a simple: Yes. All the signs of the zodiac are proper nouns (like “Father’s Day“), and thus start with a capital letter. The word “zodiac” does not, however.

Ready to get really wild with our Scorpio art? Below is my illustration which uses the lines of the shape to create colorful splotches across the page!

Scorpio art
Wild and colorful Scorpio art…

Thanks, Scorpio Symbol!

I hope this article has given you new admiration for the Scorpio symbol — and maybe the beauty of astrological signs, in general. Perhaps it’s even provided some Scorpio tattoo ideas, or perchance these drawings have provided a form of art prompts to get your own creative juices flowing.

Also, feel free to reach out if you would like to request for me to make products to buy with any of these illustrations; I can easily put them on clothing, mugs, tote bags — anything! Just ask.

Now, which zodiac signs should I illustrate next? Or are there other signs, such as the peaceful Shanti symbol that you’d like me to explore with my pen? Do share in the comments section, below…

Scorpio drawing
Scorpio drawing makes me happy.

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