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Winter Drawing Ideas: Easy, Cute Instructions

As you get cozy and flip through our holiday drawings, perhaps the snow is starting to fall outside, and you get to thinking: “I could really use some cute, easy winter drawing ideas right about now.” You’re in luck, because here they are!

Who is the person writing this article? I’m an artist and teacher named Ms. Marshall, and I hand-draw each and every illustration on this site, writing out each lesson with love — even if it’s about a sort of intense bat drawing! Ready for your cold-season art prompts? Here you go!

Winter Drawing Ideas

As the days get shorter and the temperature gets colder, you may start craving winter drawing ideas. Here are easy, cute art instructions for all ages.

Is Winter Capitalized?

I hope you enjoyed this roundup of cute, easy winter drawing ideas! Which was your favorite? I’m partial to the snowman drawing, myself.

Now, a pressing question: is winter capitalized, when you’re talking about the season? As we shockingly learned in my “Are Seasons Capitalized?” lesson, in fact it is not a proper noun, meaning it starts with a lower case letter when found in the middle of a sentence that is not a title. Ah!

Winter drawing ideas
Winter drawing ideas!

Seasons Around the World

Another point of education, given that I am a teacher and can’t help myself: Keep in mind that wherever you are in the world, winter (that cozy time with colder weather and shorter daylight hours) actually comes at the opposite time of year for the other hemisphere, in the north-south direction!

For example, if you’re in Boston like me, which is the Northern Hemisphere of the globe, winter comes in December, January, February (encompassing Valentine’s Day), and part of March. However, if you’re in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the Southern Hemisphere, winter is in June, July, and August! And of course, for those who live close to the equator, winter may never get cold at all.

Winter Drawing Ideas, in Sum

What other winter drawing ideas would you like me to illustrate, teach, and add to this list? Do share!

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