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Spell Rhythm Correctly Every Time With These Tricks!

When I asked readers what their votes were for hard words to spell in English, one answer kept popping up over and over. “I can never spell RHYTHM correctly!” lamented one woman.

Others chimed in, agreeing: “Right — I forget where each ‘H’ goes, and it’s definitely weird that the only vowel is that single ‘Y’ in the middle.”

Others concurred: “I’ve spelled rhythm wrong a million times: rithm, rhytm, rythm, rhthym, rithym, rhythme, rithum, rhythum, rhythmn… the list goes on!”

Ah yes, RHYTHM: a noun defined as: a regular pattern of sounds, music, movement, or actions. The easiest synonym of “rhythm” is “beat.” For example, “BOOM, bum, BOOM, bum” is a rhythm.

Now, upon seeing the flood of people having trouble spelling “rhythm,” this English teacher-artist vowed at once to think up and draw a funny, memorable way to never forget the spelling of “rhythm” again. Ready? Here goes.

Spell rhythm
Spell rhythm easily with this trick!

How to Spell Rhythm

Here’s my trick to learn how to spell rhythm, and it has two parts, illustrated in my hand-drawn cartoon above. First, remember this phrase: “Radio Has Your Two Hips Moving.” The first letter of each word in that sentence come together to correctly write RHYTHM, and your spelling dilemma is solved. Ta Da!

The next part of the trick is to look at how the letter “H” appears twice in “rhythm” — one as the second letter of the word, and the other as the second to last letter. What does this remind you of? Ah yes — two HIPS (mirroring the “H” on either side, hip width apart) moving in time to the beat, or rHytHm, of the music! To help you remember this, I drew an “H” on each hip of the dancing woman’s clothes in my illustration, above.

Spelling of rhythm
The spelling of rhythm is tough!

Another Rhythm Spelling Trick

In case you want another way to remember the spelling of rhythm, here’s another — but this time, it’s totally silly and random. Check out my illustration above, which guides you to remember the letter order of the word “rhythm” via the sentence: “Ray Has Your Two Hot Muffins.

Hmm… maybe I should stick to sentences that actually have something to do with the definition of the word… like the first mnemonic device, eh? Now I’m just hungry for some fluffy, fresh dessert muffins!

VIDEO: Spell Rhythm

Spelling Rhythm, in Sum

So there you have it: now you have three separate tricks for correctly answering, every time someone asks the question: “How do you spell rhythm?” (Do you also now have the Gloria Estefan song, “Rhythm is Gonna Get You” stuck in your head?)

I hope these educational cartoon illustrations and this explanation have been useful, and I eagerly await other requests you have for English or life lessons you’d like me to draw for you, now that I’ve just published a piece on, “Hear, hear.” Feel free to comment, below!

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