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Easy Flower Crown Drawing Made into a Kids’ Story

Welcome to an imaginative short story accompanied by joyful art to make you smile! The tale was inspired by my young daughter asking me to make a flower crown drawing, then explain why the cartoon characters I sketched were wearing them.

It was my pleasure to draw and write this… and there’s a twist at the end. Ready? Let’s tell it.

Cartoon of colorful flowers in a woman's hair
Yasmina, the brilliant flower crown artist.

The Queen of Flower Crowns

There once was a woman named Yasmina (see her fabulousness in the flower crown drawing above) who was the best creator of flower crowns around. Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between would come from far and wide to purchase and put on those feats of floral arrangements — from the Queen of Hearts to the Elephant Whale.

The woman pictured below was one of Yasmina’s more famous customers: the Witch of the Pines. With her icy azure color eyes and sharp cheekbones, she usually scoffed at brightly colored ornamentation beyond pine sprigs, but the chrysanthemum crowns at Yasmina’s shop were so alluring she couldn’t say no. She bought thirty-five, and sometimes wore two at a time.

Drawing of beautiful woman with flower crown and Christmas tree earrings
The Witch of the Pines grew to love Yasmina’s flower crowns.

Trouble at the Flower Crown Shop!

Suddenly a sour and surly lady stomped into Yasmina’s shop: the Witch of the Boars. Eeek! What would the brilliant artist do to protect her wares from all that agressive energy?

“GIVE ME A FLOWER CROWN RIGHT NOW!” the Witch of the Boars bellowed, spittle spewing from betwixt her sharp teeth.

Yasmina took one look at that woman and snagged her largest flower from the shelf — a massive flower which happened to be made of… metal. She dropped it on the intruder’s head with a THUMP and sat back in satisfaction to watch the reaction.

Cartoon of angry person with giant flower hat on head.
If you’re rude, you’ll get a flower bop.

The Witch of the Boars glowered. The ponderous flower teetered on her head heavily, before plopping down… squarely on the lady’s toe! With a YELP, the witch was about to hurl insults at Yasmina — when she caught a glimpse of her furious face in the shiny metal petal. What she saw made her… reflect.

“I suppose I didn’t come in here in a very respectful manner,” the witch conceded, seeing her own wild eyes. They even scared her, though they were her own. “I can understand why I got a flower bop, Ms. Yasmina. I’m sorry.”

VIDEO: Time-Lapse of Flower Crown Drawings

Would YOU Forgive this Flower Fury?

Yasmina thought long and hard about what had happened and its context, then turned to the computer screen, stuck her head out of it to be face to face with YOU, and asked:

What would YOU do next? Would you forgive the Witch of the Boars? How, and what would you do after that to continue working with her? Or would you ask her to leave the store and never come back? Or something else? We are so curious for you to share your thoughts! Use the comment section below…

I hope you enjoyed this story, which grew out of random creative drawings and doodles, which in turn became these flower crowns drawings! If you like art of plants, explore my recent shamrock drawing. May this article inspire you to cook up your own art inspiration and tales…