A Teacher Explains the OTHER Education

Happy teacher welcome to ELA

Once there was a teacher who was preparing to welcome a set of wonderful students just like you. She knew this year would be different than any year before in her decade and a half in education, but with these … [Read More]

A Story for Kids to Eat Fruit and Veggies!

Love veggies

Want a fun, colorful tale to read with children to learn healthy eating habits and practice imagination? This interactive story is for you. After each question in bold, pause to hear the kiddo’s response… and prepare to smile! The Quest … [Read More]

Cloud Hair Fairy and the Horseshoe Crab

Cloud hair cartoon

A Preface to This Story When I receive your requests for drawings, I strive to fulfill each one, but the latest was a wallop of a challenge: “Draw a horseshoe crab on a bike“ typed a reader named Michael. Yeep! … [Read More]