The Whale Wants to Be an Elephant?!

Purple whale story

Wishes of Land Life Wanda the purple whale wanted to be an elephant. She longed to feel the firm ground beneath her massive feet. She longed to have feet at all. Every day she would leap out of the water … [Read More]

Cloud Hair Fairy and the Horseshoe Crab

Cloud hair cartoon

A Preface to This Story When I receive your requests for drawings, I strive to fulfill each one, but the latest was a wallop of a challenge: “Draw a horseshoe crab on a bike“ typed a reader named Michael. Yeep! … [Read More]

Flower Crowns: Fun Art and a Story

Flower crown cartoon

Welcome to an imaginative short story accompanied by joyful art to make you smile! It was my pleasure to draw and write this for you today… and there’s a twist at the end. Ready? Let’s tell it. The Queen of … [Read More]

How a Cartoon Octopus Found Happiness

Angry octopus drawing

Ready for a short story that sprang from the random art inspiration capturing my pen’s lines today? Here it is… The Story of Octi the Octopus Once upon an ocean, there was an irritable magenta octopus named Octi. He always … [Read More]

Seeking a Blue Horse Saying “Moo”

Blue hair cartoon pointing

Once there was a person with fluffy blue hair who was seeking a pale blue horse. This mythical equine was known for its jolly disposition and its hauntingly beautiful recitation of a single word: “Moo.” The Quest Begins… The blue-haired … [Read More]