Seeing Colors During Meditation: Purple, Yellow, and More

Am I Visualizing Energy Flow?

I’m writing this article in the hopes that others who experience the same phenomenon will connect to try to make sense of it: Why do I see colors — almost always purple (indigo) and gold-yellow — whenever I’m in a certain meditative state??? Let’s go into the details.

Seeing purple color during meditation
The colors I see when in a meditative state are purple and gold.

Seeing Purple Color… When?

What spurs me to see indigo and gold? It happens whenever I’m in a certain relaxed and connected state: sometimes during deep meditation, by the middle of a professional massage, during a very deep conversation, and always during acupuncture or reiki.

The Colors I See Move in a Specific Way

With my eyes closed, I can watch the purple and gold swirl and play. The direction and type of movement the colors do always reflects what’s happening with my energy.

An Example from Acupuncture Energy Work

The moment I realized that the colors moved with purpose was when I was in my third trimester of pregnancy and went to an acupuncture appointment to ease discomfort. As I lay on the table with the needles doing their work, I closed my eyes and wondered if the colors would come.

Indeed they did: Indigo and greenish gold popped up in blobs, bobbing and weaving. Then they began a distinct downward movement. I watched as the purple and yellow alternated pulsing downward, from my head towards my feet. This is what it looked like:

Seeing colors during meditation
The way the colors move mirrors the energy flow.

At the end of the half hour, my acupuncturist came back into the room and explained that the needles she’d placed were on the specific pressure points to move my energy from my head downwards, in order to prepare the flow for birth.

I was shocked: this confirmed that the flow I’d been distinctly seeing behind my eyes in color form mirrored the exact energy direction my acupuncturist had created — even though she hadn’t told me, or placed the idea in my mind. The colors were saying something and were moving with purpose. Whoa!

Seeing indigo color during meditation
It’s fascinating watching the colors play.

What Does Seeing Colors Mean?

Over the years I’ve been researching what this phenomenon could indicate. We’ve already discussed the direction they move mirroring energy flow, but what about color meanings?

Do Colors Mirror Chakras?

The day I did one of my first Reiki healing touch treatments on someone and suddenly saw the color RED, I realized that each person must have different energy colors. It was an odd moment seeing this new color — I was so used to always purple and gold, that I though that’s all I’d ever visualize. It got me thinking about the meaning behind each color, and why some people might have more of one than another. The answer might be found in reading about body chakras… especially the purple chakra.

Which is the Purple Chakra?

According to body chakra teaching, purple light correlates with either the 6th (Third Eye) or 7th (Crown) chakra at the top of the head or above the body. Both are about higher consciousness. Perhaps when I’m seeing purple, indigo, or violet, I’m tapping into the purple chakra, and thus the wider universe of human energy?

My guess is the color I’m seeing is more the 6th (purple chakra), because the 7th chakra is both violet and white, and one day when I was doing Reiki on someone, I distinctly saw his white sparkling light, which was very different than my purple.

VIDEO: Seeing Colors During Meditation

What Do Yellow, Green, or Gold Light Mean?

Seeing purple light makes sense with chakra theory, but why would I also then also always see yellow-green? That color likely correlates with the 3rd (Solar Plexus) Chakra which is yellow, and maybe slightly with the 4th (Heart) Chakra which is green — both in the center of the body. The third chakra is about strength, confidence, and willpower, and the fourth about love and healing.

It’s interesting to me that my soul would select the colors purple and yellow, and always only these two — unless I’m doing Reiki on someone else. The one time I was able to generate different colors within myself was during my first Kundalini Reiki training years ago, during a group meditation. At that point I distinctly saw green and several other colors I hadn’t seen before, perhaps because of the powerful energy of others present in the room, and the high level of training of the Reiki master teaching us.

Seeing Colors During Meditation and YOU

I’m thankful to the wonders of digital art that I could finally draw and make tangible and visible what I see behind my eyes on a weekly basis, so perhaps I could find others who resonate with this experience, so we might make sense of it together.

Do see my NEW article on chakra colors and healing, which grew from your messages from this post! If any of this rings true for you, feel free to reach out in the comments section, or by the social media contacts below.

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42 thoughts on “Seeing Colors During Meditation: Purple, Yellow, and More”

  1. After a month of consistent meditation, I have began seeing purple and blue and for some reason visualize these colors “above me” from my head onward. I do feel like I am reaching a point of clarity in my life at the same time that these colors arrived

  2. Cool. I see blue. Like a cobalt blue color. Usually in a dot that moves and sometimes cycles out like a cyclone.

    Haven’t been able to find out why. Some people said it was called a blue pearl but didn’t elaborate on the real significance. Just said I was tapped into a higher state of meditation.

    It’s cool that yours followed the direction of that treatment. Fascinated by this.

    • So interesting that you and Stephanie both posted about blue color! I’m searching “blue pearl meditation” now and finding a whole world of energy analysis out there. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  3. I’m only just beginning with mindfulness meditation. I do see colors occasionally, though mine are usually blue and yellow. I had never puzzled out what that might mean. This is really fascinating!

  4. This is so interesting! I’m not sure if I’ve ever been relaxed enough to have this happen. But, a few years ago I was having ongoing problems getting to sleep, so I decided to try valerian tea. I did see swirling colors whenever I opened my eyes as I was trying to fall asleep. I was so disconcerted that I never tried the tea again – but maybe I WAS just relaxed!

    • It’s a very pleasing combination of hues. I’ve been noticing where I see the indigo-yellow combination out in the world, because when brands or artists use it, it makes me wonder if they also experience this phenomenon.

  5. Come to think of it, I don’t remember focusing or noticing or even aware of any color while meditating. I am usually concentrating on breathing and absorbing the energy in my environment. I also have a busy mind so maybe that is distracting me from colours…. Anyway, you are making me think I should try and be more aware of it next time I meditate…

    • I think we all have different areas of deep insight or superpowers. My spouse has an intense level of auditory processing, so when he meditates he doesn’t see things visually, but rather hears music and other beautiful and insightful things. Every person is unique!

  6. As I went through the article and the comments I am stunned. There was a time when i did meditation regularly and saw eyes, angry at first then slowly calm down. So much that the prefect asked me if I see eyes. Now I rarely meditate so your article is telling me to start regularly. Thanks

    • WOW! Thank you for sharing this mindfulness experience. I’m curious to hear what happens as you get back into meditation. Our bodies really have a way of healing and caring for us, sometimes in surprising ways.

  7. I struggle with debilitating anxiety and these color meditations help me tremendously, especially during a panic attack. Thank you for shedding light on this important issue. Our mental health is everything.

  8. I tend to see mainly purple, but also often the greenish gold you mention when doing breathwork and somatic practices. They swirl in a constant movement, like passing through veils and seem to be mostly emitting from the are of the third eye. If I let them be there, without consciously thinking about it too much, they tend to spread projecting outwards. I always thought its just my own perception, but reading your article I related very strongly to the experience you describe. I‘m super curious if this perception is related to visual perception or tapping deeper into neural networks inside the brain.

  9. Thank you for this! I’ve seen the color yellow many times during meditation. At my first reiki session, my practitioner mentioned my 3rd chakra is prominent. I concluded its my dominant chakra as I sometimes struggle or thrive within it! Today was the first time I saw purple in my mediation. I released myself to the universe with love and excitement asking for any messages – nothing in particular. I learned so much in those 10 minutes. It’s as if I was having conversations with myself. When I noticed the color purple it was reassurance that I was touched by the universe as it sent me messages and advice. I then started to see yellow as well, and your pictures help describe just how it looked! I googled “seeing purple in meditation” and this is the first article I read and my, how it resonates with me. Thank you so much!

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience, Aileen! I really agree with you that the color that shows up is correlated with the type of healing that’s happening and dominant, and have been realizing that my yellow might be connected to my dominant 3rd chakra confidence trait. I hadn’t figured out the purple as much (I’m still in the middle of a chakra healing course and haven’t gotten that far yet), but what you describe of purple being love and healing from the universe — third-eye chakra correlated with wisdom — is so well put!

  10. Hi Lillie ~

    I’m a 5-foot tall (lol) Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC via, Licensed Religious Science Practitioner (RScP), and Reiki Master who has been pursuing a spiritual path since forever. =)
    Guess what? I’m also grateful to find your two-sense along with all the comments. Thank you for posting! Wow!! We’re in it together!!!
    I started noticing that I was seeing colors the other day. They look like the colors you drew and others described.
    When I saw the patterns today during Meditation I just had to see if it was happening to anyone else and what the colors might mean:
    We are One, in all-ways, All-One, never “alone”.
    ~ pj

  11. I’ve been seeing the colors of purple and gold for years. I’ve always perceived them to be healing colors. I first began seeing them during craniosacral therapy and myofascial release therapy. If I see red, it was always associated with pain, unfortunately. Now during either of those therapies or meditation I always see purple and gold. It’s very soothing. I am glad to hear that others experience this too.

    • So glad to hear from another person who has seen this! I really agree with you that the colors must be something having to do with healing. I’ve been doing some reading about chakra colors and meanings and am planning a follow-up article soon. Thanks for taking the time to write!

  12. Thanks so much for sharing!
    I was researching the possible meaning for seeing purple and yellow during meditation and found someone who experiences the same as me. I see yellow and purple light moving and playing in the same way you’ve shown. They seem to be my default colours as well. I’m curious about what that really means.
    Only a few times have I seen other colours like green and blue when I’ve set my intentions to meditate on my heart/compassion or on my throat/voice.
    It’s very interesting to me that we each see different colours more effortlessly and what we can learn about ourselves from that. Could it be that the colours we see with more ease are the energies that are stronger or more present in us. I wonder if we can change that through meditating on and cultivating other energies.

    • Hi Izzy! I see you’ve found my second, follow-up article on this — — and totally agree with you! I left an additional comment for you over there, but over here you add a very useful part to this puzzle by sharing that indeed you see green or blue (for example) when focusing on those chakras. It really makes me wonder what we can develop through consciously cultivating this practice. Thanks for taking the time to write!

  13. I’m wondering if someone can tell me why I see colors all the time. Pinks, blues, green, yellow usually. I see them when I’m just watching tv or talking or anything. I’m not sure what it means or what to do with it. Is it to heal myself or does it mean something different? I look forward to seeing what it could be. Thank you!

    • Hi Katie,
      It sounds like you’re experiencing something different than this article is talking about because you’re seeing colors all the time, not just during meditation. It’s possible you may have a cool thing called synesthesia where your brain links visual hues to non-visual things like sounds or emotions. Here is more about this phenomenon: . Does this sound like what you experience?

  14. Great article!!! I too have seen these dancing patterns and see a lot of purple especially when I am in need of gods help or really deep in prayer. The purple always forms in somewhat of a cloudy line down each of the corners of wherever I am and all around the top and bottom perimeter of the 4 walls. I mostly saw these dancing patterns when I was trying to sleep and I always bought they were SO ANNOYING because I’d be trying to sleep and it would literally keep me up at night because it never shut off. I’ve been experiencing with auras and trying to see energy and colors around my hands and now I have these dancing patterns that generate from my fingertips!! How cool to
    Find someone else who had experienced these things. THANKS so much for sharing!

    • WOW! Thanks for sharing your experience with seeing colors! So interesting that it’s moved from being perceived as “annoying” to important and spiritual! You bring up an important word with the term “aura.” Makes me realize I need to do another post covering migraine auras of sparkly white (different from this kind of seeing colors) and the Instagram account @WeAreAuraAura who has a technique to photograph the colors of energy around people (I think somewhat related to what we’re experiencing, but seems overall different.

  15. Hi Lillie!
    I’m so happy someone is talking about this! I too see mainly the violet/gold combo that you see. Sometimes the gold can become a little green as you described and sometimes the violet is varying shades some closer to blue, sometimes closer to magenta, but mostly I see a deep violet and with a yellow/gold/green. I am not sure when it started, but I definitely can recall it from at least most of my adult life. I actually can call on it at will and it will appear in my mind’s eye with my eyes closed or with my eyes open, either way! When my eyes are open I can still see or be aware of my surroundings, it is more like an light overlay of color. It is lighter than when my eyes are closed. Your art depicts what I see nearly perfectly! And yes, there is a fading in and out and back and forth of the colors. I like to think it is healing and positive because it is very calming to me. Also, I wonder if those are the predominant colors in my aura or something like that, but I don’t really know. It is interesting how different people see different colors.
    Thank you!

    • Your description is so spot on, and I’m thrilled this article resonates. I’m also inspired and intrigued that you can call up the colors whenever you want. I’m not at that point yet — it’s a little hit or miss for when they show up, though acupuncture and Reiki are 100% effective. Makes me so curious what can be cultivated in this with practice, and also curious to research more about your aura question.

  16. Thank you for this. I have begun to meditate more/take it more seriously and I have been having many colors. I’m glad to know it is normal. I have seen white, purple, blue, green, yellow and a brief wispy red once. The first time I saw a color was when I was meditating with a Tibetan singing bowl and the practitioner brought the bowl close to my ear and bam explosion of blue.

    • WOW! What a vivid example of how this phenomenon works! Interesting that a SINGING bowl would activate the color for the throat chakra which is about voice and communication (blue). Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences! If you have a moment, can you click over to my next article about this — — and see if any other colors you’ve seen have matched the ideas behind their corresponding chakras?


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