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A Cartoon Pumpkin Story: Saving the Fruit from Rot!

Once there was a cartoon pumpkin drawing named Pumpie who was SUCH a pumpkin. She was the pumpkin-est pumpkin who ever pumped. When people walked down the street and saw her shining self on the porch step, they gasped, “What perfect orange skin! That fruit really puts me in the Halloween spirit.”

(Note: In fact, pumpkins are fruits, not vegetables. Isn’t that shocking?! The proof is here. Anyway, back to the story.) This is what Pumpie looked like:

Cartoon pumpkin
Pumpie was such a cartoon pumpkin.

What to Do When Cartoon Pumpkin Rotting Looms?

Unfortunately, after Pumpie’s glory days on the Halloween porch, weeks passed, and the pumpkin began to ROT! Pumpie’s seedy heart beat in panic. What would she do? How would she survive?! How could she avoid turning into a puddle of soupy mush? Would she get eaten by a whale?

Thankfully, a magical woman was walking by, right at the moment pumpkin was about to give up hope. It was the Green Haired Warlock! (Now, “Warlock” usually refers to a male magician, but since a pumpkin is a fruit, a warlock can be a woman, right?)

Green hair line art face
Green Haired Warlock was happy to help.

What Did the Cartoon Pumpkin Turn Into?

The Green Haired Warlock took one look at the sagging cartoon pumpkin and knew she had to turn it into something immediately to save it. But what? A carriage was too cliched. An octopus would be kind of funny, but too messy. (Those eight legs can get tangled in your hair when you’re doing the magic.)

Suddenly the warlock had an idea: a bird! A pink bird with green and yellow spots to be specific. The Green Haired Warlock waved her hand and — POOF! — Pumpie the pumpkin turned into the cutest little chick you’ve ever seen. Aww!

Cartoon woman with dress and bird in hand
A wandering princess adopted Pumpie the bird.

New Friends…

Pumpie was delighted with her new form. She was no longer rotting! Instead, she was fluffy and adorable — and could fly! Just then, a princess wandered by. “Ooo!” she squealed, “what a delightful little chick! May I adopt you and be your forever friend?”

“Yes!” exclaimed Pumpie ecstatically, “it would be my pleasure!” The princess and bird floated off into the clouds (where the princess lived in a very impressive cloud castle) and they lived happily ever after… sketching Halloween drawing ideas all their days. THE END.

VIDEO: Time Lapse of the Drawing Process

So what do you think? Did Pumpie the cartoon pumpkin make the right choice in the dilemma of whether or not to become a bird, or should she have requested to transform into something else? Do share…

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