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Truely or Truly: Spelling Tricks to Remember

It’s time for another installment of hard words to spell: common letter combinations that seem easy, but actually confuse many highly educated adults. Today we will discuss the ever-popular truely vs. truly spelling confusion.

This lesson is nice and simple, so it won’t take long. Why is it so efficient? Because between truely and truly, only one of the words actually exists! (Like “freind” and “friend, or “receive” and “recieve.”)

Truly vs truely
Truly vs. truely: Which is correct?

Truely Spelling

In the truley vs. truly quandary, there’s a simple answer: The word “truely” doesn’t exist! It’s simply an incorrect misspelling. Truely is a phantom of your imagination, much like the other common misspellings, “greatful,” “noone,” “everytime,” “firey,” “incase,” “seperate,” and “irrevelant.” Don’t use them!

The Meaning of Truely

If someone asks, “What is the meaning of the word truley?” The answer is that there is no meaning, because it doesn’t exist as a word! It’s just wrong.

Truly spelling
A trick for truly spelling.

Truly Spelling

The correct spelling of the word is “truly” (no “E” anywhere in it). Use my illustration above to help remember: “Eeek! Don’t put that scary ‘E’ in ‘truly!'”

Synonyms of truly include: really, honestly, truthfully, unequivocally, reliably, loyally, firmly, sincerely, genuinely, surely, and very. It is a heartfelt word that adds passionate emphasis to whatever you’re saying.

Truly in a Sentence

Here are some examples of the correct use of the word truly in a sentence.

  • “I truly want to stop snacking at night and quit coffee! I believe this is the year I’ll finally do it.”
  • She truly loved the article, “Why is Art Important? and after reading it, went out about bought 100 paintbrushes.”
  • “I’m truly, madly, deeply enamored with that Savage Garden song, and I will never be truly happy until I can listen to it every second of the day.”

Yours Truly

The phrase “yours truly” is a fun one that can be used in several different ways. First, you can sign a letter by saying, “Yours Truly,” and follow it with your name on the next line. It’s formal and classy.

Second, “Yours truly” is a comically fancy way to refer to yourself. For example, if someone asks, “Whose giant purple octopus is this?!” you can proudly respond: “Yours truly.” This is a funny method of saying: “Me.”

VIDEO: How to Spell Truly

See my time-lapse drawing process.

Truely or Truly in Sum

I hope this tutorial on the truely or truly spelling dilemma has proven useful, as well as enjoyable. Which other words or concepts would you like me to illustrate? Do share!

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