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Freind or Friend? Spelling Tricks to Remember…

In the world of commonly misspelled words, a certain jolly one pops up all the time: “freind.” Or is it written “friend?” Learn how to spell this word correctly here, with memory tricks to remember the letter order!

As background, my name is Lillie and I’ve been an English teacher for almost two decades, now. I’m also a cartoonist, so all the illustrations in these lessons are hand-drawn by yours truly — such as “How to Spell Attendance.” Ready for the tutorial? Let’s go!

Freind isn’t a word!


So here’s the good news: This is an easy lesson, because the word “freind” simply doesn’t exist. It’s merely an incorrect spelling — like “everytime” or the extremely tricky one, “seperated,” and should never be used.

The correct spelling of the word that means buddy, amigo, or pal is: “friend” — with the “i” before the “e” in the middle. That’s one way to remember how to write it: It actually DOES follow the rule of “i before e except after c” — which works to spell receive, too.

Freind or friend? Spelling tricks...
Freind or friend? Spelling tricks…

How Do You Spell Friend?

What are some other ways to remember the answer to “How do you spell friend?” Here are three ideas that are truly (not “truely“) useful.

First, you can remember the phrase: “It’s EASY to make a friend!” This assists in recalling the “i” (“it’s“) followed by “e” (“easy”). I’m definitely grateful (not greatful) for these mnemonic devices… and for friendship, too!

The second way to remember the spelling is you can chant: “A friend is a buddy from FRIday until the END of time!” This helps bring “FRI” and “END” to mind, which put together make… FRIEND! (Not freind — that word is just misspelled.)

Third, you can picture someone screaming, “EI!” in horror to remember not to use the “frEInd” spelling. (This is a similar auditory cue to our lesson about how to spell rhythm.) The key with remembering how to correctly write hard words to spell is to get a little silly and dramatic.

VIDEO: Freind or Friend?

See my drawing process for these cartoons.

Freind? No!

Now you know: The answer to “How do you spell friend?” is “FRIEND,” and the plural is “friends” — “i” before “e.” Now you also know that the words “freind” or “freinds” or “freindship” (with the “e” before the “i”) doesn’t exist… and should be cast into a fiery (not firey) pit to disappear forever, along with the misspellings, “incase” and the ever-tricky “noone!”

I hope this English lesson has been helpful. What would you like me to illustrate and explain next? (Thank you for your suggestion to do “How Do You Spell Listen?” Do share your ideas — I’m all ears!

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