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Mermaid Tail Drawing: Easy, Cute Instructions

Ready for another tutorial in our growing treasure trove of easy, cute drawing ideas? It’s mermaid tail drawing time! Today, we will use a simple cartoon line drawing style, and explore three different methods of making it beautiful.

As background, my name is Lillie and I am an artist and teacher who loves to bring the benefits of drawing far and wide! Remember that your sketch doesn’t need to be perfect — you just have to enjoy the process and flow with the lines. Now let’s dive into…

Mermaid Tail Drawing

Cute, easy mermaid drawing!
Cute, easy mermaid drawing.

The key with drawing mermaids is to make the tail’s shape a pleasing curve. Think of a “V” shape, but with more outwardly-arched lines, almost as if someone inflated the “V” with air. This graceful curve is similar to the head of our easy octopus drawing. At the bottom of the tail, put an outward-facing “V” shape for the “feet” fins.

Next we get to the texture — a central element in making the tail look “fishy.” Along the main part of the tail, sketch a series of connected “U” shapes (like the edges of our cloud drawing) in rows to form scales. On the “feet” fins, stroke a series of straight-ish pen lines outward. Ta da! Now let’s discuss three different methods of spicing your mermaid up with color.

Method 1: Natural Coloring

Just as with our sea urchin drawing, there are several options for adding color to your mermaid that change the whole feel of the cartoon. The first method is shown above: a more “realistic” blue-green fish hue for the tail. In this version, you can use a slightly darker teal for the lines of the scales.

Mermaid tail drawing
Mermaid tail drawing fun!

Method 2: Rainbow

Want a little more color in your life? (Who wouldn’t?!) Let’s make a rainbow version of the mermaid tail! As shown above, you can do this by adding stripes of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple (what red and blue make), and magenta.

Next, ink in the scales with thin black curves. Notice how I added a cute “lip” at the joining place where the tail meets the torso, as a sort of belt or accent. Mermaid fashion in our creative drawings!

A quick and simple drawing of a mermaid tail.
A blue gal with a teal mermaid tail.

Method 3: Blue Skin

Our third method of coloring the mermaid and her tail needs a little context or background information: Did you know that the mermaid legend was possibly inspired by the real animal called a manatee? Well, manatees are gray or brown colored, but in the light of the watery depths of the ocean, they look blue-ish.

Given this, I chose to color the mermaid, above, with azure color blue skin! For the tail accents, this time I drew in the texture with a lighter color instead of the black or dark green. It’s now up to you to pick the style of mermaid you most want to draw — or even change major elements, as we did with our cute snail drawing.

VIDEO: Drawing a Mermaid’s Tail

See a time lapse video of my drawing process.

Mermaid Tail Drawing, in Sum

I hope this discussion of sweet, easy mermaid tail drawing in a colorful cartoon style has been useful and enjoyable! If you want more cute drawings, check out my tutorials on drawing the wind, the “and symbol” (not exactly “cute,” but very cool), and cute frog drawing. Have a request for what else you’d like me illustrate and explain? Do share

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