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Cute Frog Drawing: Easy Instructions

Ready for another installment of cute drawing ideas? Today, we will examine how to make a cute frog drawing in an easy cartoon style! While we’re at it, we will get a little biology lesson, too.

As background, my name is Lillie and I’m an artist and teacher who delights in giving creative drawings prompts about everything from sketching the pi symbol, to drawing the wind. These art ideas work for pen and paper scribbles, as well as digital art apps. Ready to talk about frog fun? Let’s go!

Cute frog drawing
Fun with cute frog drawing!

Cute Frog Drawing Tips

If you look at pictures of actual frogs, you’ll notice that in order to make a drawing of the animal be sufficiently cute, we need to emphasize certain features, while we change others. (Yes, this is just like my tutorial on easy octopus drawing, in which we moved the mouth from the bottom of the body to the “face” in order to look less creepy. It may not be anatomically correct, but it looks better!)

Drawing Frog Eyes

Frog eyes protrude from the head, so it’s correct to draw the cartoon eyeballs as sort of resting on top of the face like a hat. However, there is one change we need to make from the actual anatomy.

In reality, frog eyes are spaced on either side of the little froggy head. However, to be more adorable (aww!) most cartoonists of cute drawings prefer to bunch the eyes right next to each other, as I’ve done in my example above. For the mouth, you can make it quite wide, as the actual animal’s is.

What about eyelids? Actual frogs do have those, so you can go wild with using them to change the amphibian’s expression. Meanwhile, real frogs do NOT have eyebrows, but it’s delightful to sketch those in, floating right above the eyes, or just resting on the lid, as I’ve drawn below. (At least these aren’t as big biological changes as I did for my cute snail drawing debacle!)

Easy frog drawing
It’s such an easy frog drawing, even a frog could do it!

Froggy Legs in Action

The key detail that makes a frog drawing look like a frog is those long, squatting-style tightly folded back legs. As you can see above, I like to exaggerate them for a fun effect (these are creative drawings, after all — not Science textbook illustrations), and finish each limb off with wide webbed feet.

You can be pretty gestural with those feet lines, and don’t need to outline every single toe for it to still look good. See? Easy. Maybe not as easy as our sweet and spiky sea urchin drawing, but still easy enough.

Cute Frog Drawing is Easy!

I hope you’re now feeling good about your easy, cute frog drawing abilities! Even if your sketch isn’t “perfect,” (not that perfect even exists), you’ll still be getting plenty of the benefits of drawing simply by practicing and enjoying each stroke of the pen or pencil.

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