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Cute Animal Drawings: Easy Instructions

As I compiled my big list of easy, cute drawing ideas for all ages, it occurred to me that there was an entire sub-category forming: Cute animal drawings! If you’re looking for adorable cartoon animals to look at, or to learn how to make, you’ve come to the right place.

Who is the person writing this lesson? My name is Lillie, and I’m an artist and teacher who adores hand-illustrating such tutorials as “sea urchin drawing.” If you keep reading, you may even find a video of the real-life me doing the frog and octopus cartoons on a lightboard!

Cute animal drawings: Easy!
Cute animal drawings: Easy!

Have Confidence in Your Own Creativity

Now it’s time to dive into our list of easy animals to draw. But first, a reminder: No matter what drawing prompts someone gives you, please always honor your own mind and creativity, and feel free to make any changes to the instructions that you desire.

Want to make the legs longer or the body a totally different color (or colour, if you’re British)? Go for it! This is YOUR art time. Ready for the list? Let’s go!

Cute Animal Drawings: Easy!

Looking for cute animal drawings? Easy instructions here for some of the simplest but most adorable creatures out there, explained in lessons and time-lapse videos by an artist and teacher.

VIDEO: Cute Animal Drawings

What was your favorite animal from that list? Do you prefer the easy drawings like the sea urchin, or the more complex ones like the reindeer?

Now, below, you can see a video of me sketching the cute frog cartoon next to the easy octopus drawing on a light-board. Love this technology!

My animal drawing, in action.

Cool, right? I’m just annoyed that I forgot to add the eyebrows for expressiveness. At least the red dress from my friend’s fashion company, Leota, looks nice on camera!

Are Cute Animal Drawings Easy Now?

I hope this lesson easy, cute animal drawings has been enjoyable and useful. My favorite may just be the snail drawing, though they all make me smile. I’m glad to have learned the word “kawaii” or “endearing” in Japanese while writing this article.

What delightfully cute drawings would you like me to illustrate next? Do share!

Want more? Check out my free printable animal coloring pages.