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Spider Drawing: Easy, Cute Instructions

Looking for how to make a cute spider drawing? Easy instructions await you in this article! This is a part of my series on Halloween drawing ideas, but really, you can make this cartoon arachnid any time of year.

First, some background. My name is Lillie, and I’m an artist and teacher who enjoys hand-illustrating such lessons as how to do witch hat drawing, and other such tutorials. Let’s start the instructions!

Cute spider drawing black and white
Start the cute spider drawing in black and white.

Spider Drawing: Easy Instructions

Now, there are complex ways to draw spiders, and simple ones. We’ll be opting for the latter here. Time to dive in.

1. Sketch the eyes and smile, then a circle around it for the body.

As you see from my black and white sketch, above, I kept this spider very simple by making its body just a face with a circle around it. Of course, many real-life spiders are way more complex — having two sections to their body, and non-circular shapes… but we’re going for easy and cute here, not necessarily scientifically perfect. (We used a similar “head and body together” method with our candy drawing.)

2. Draw 8 legs curving down, plus a web thread up top.

Most real-life spider legs are also more complex than our streamlined version here, but this one will work: Draw eight skinny legs arching downward. (Yes, if you’re wondering how many legs do spiders have, the answer is: the same number as a cute octopus!)

Cute spider drawing easy
Easy spider drawing

3. Color the spider a dark color, and the background lighter.

Though there are some light-colored spiders, the majority of them are darker in color, or even black. To make the drawing more exciting than a dark or dull shade, however, I’ve opted for a deep purple — a similar tactic to the one we took in sketching our cute bat drawing.

4. Add shading to show 3D curves.

Next, add a darker version of the body and legs color to the underside of each curve as shading to show the three-dimensional depth and roundness of the arachnid. I also added some pink blush to the cheeks for extra adorable-ness. These are all key elements for easy, cute animal drawings.

Spider drawing
Spider drawing

5. Spice up the background.

Finally add interest to the background so we have some idea of where your spider is standing. Is it on the ground? Is it hanging out in a spider web drawing? You decide!

Just make sure the colors you’re picking for the spidey’s surroundings juxtapose enough with the color you shaded the spider that the two elements don’t blend confusingly together. You want the spider to “pop” out of the page in contrast to its context. Now let’s see this whole shebang in time-lapse video form…

VIDEO: How to Draw a Cute, Easy Spider

See a time-lapse video of how I drew this cartoon spider!

Is Spider Drawing Easy Now?

I hope this tutorial has made spider drawing easy for you! What other cute drawing ideas should I illustrate and explain next? Do share!

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