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Earth Star Chakra: Color and Meaning in Energy

Curious about the Earth Star Chakra? I’ve always seen colors during meditation that correlate with the seven chakras — the energy centers in the body — but something new started happening once I opened my Reiki studio and started doing hands-on energy healing work with clients: I began seeing new colors which didn’t always correlate with the classic chakra colors of red, an orange aura, yellow, green, a blue aura, indigo, purple-white — and black.

What could these aura colors mean? Read on to learn about the wonderful Earth Star Chakra, which is associated with the powerful color, black! Here’s the story about how I found out about it.

Earth Star Chakra
Learn about the Earth Star Chakra!

Energy Centers Beyond the 7 Chakras?

What did it mean that I was seeing black energy with certain clients? In the classic chakra chart, there is no black anywhere. This begged the question: how is it possible that the energy centers of the body are only from the head (First Chakra or purple chakra) to the base of the spine (Root Chakra)? How could there be nothing of energetic importance below that?

It is only recently that I’ve learned of a whole other branch of chakra energy study which I’d previously been oblivious to: the theory that there may actually be 114 chakras (when you count the smaller ones within the body between the 7 major ones), and that some chakras are actually quite far OUTSIDE the body!

Two of these outer energy centers are the Soul Star Chakra (above the Seventh Chakra, high over the head), and the Earth Star Chakra. We will focus on the latter of those two today.

Earth Star Chakra

When I began researching the Earth Star Chakra as my Reiki practice grew, so much of what I’ve seen energetically suddenly made sense. According to certain interpretations how chakras work (including the 13 and 12 Chakra System), this Chakra is actually located BELOW the body: 6-18 inches down. Yes, that’s right: the Earth Star Chakra is located below the Root Chakra (the First Chakra), and thus it is referred to as “Chakra Zero.”

Earth Star Chakra color black
I see black (with a little red) for the Earth Star Chakra.

Colors Associated with “Chakra Zero”

Just like the rich soil of the earth, the Earth Star Chakra is associated with the color black. Some people say that this black is tinged with other colors like brown, but in my experience, I’ve seen it most often tinged with very deep red (which makes sense because seeing red is correlated with the chakra right above Earth Star: the Root Chakra, Muladhara).

Meaning and Function of the Earth Star Chakra

Think of the Earth Star Chakra’s meaning as an extension and amplification of the Root Chakra (which is about being grounded). Chakra Zero is about being connected with the power of Mother Earth. I like to picture all living beings inside the fertile womb of Gaia. The Sanskrit name for this energy center is Vasundhara, which means “Daughter of the Earth.”

Chakra Zero is the foundation of the entire energy system, so activating the Earth Star Chakra is key if you’re prone to focusing on upper chakras (and leaning towards seeing white light, versus other colors). One way to “feed” Chakra Zero is spending time in nature, and even walking barefoot on the earth to feel the power coming through the ground.

I’m only just starting my learning about this thrilling new-to-me world of chakras beyond the traditional seven meditation colors, and I’m so eager to hear from YOU about your experience with the Earth Star Chakra — and beyond! Do please share in the comments section.

Other Chakras

Beyond the Earth Star Chakra, there are the traditional seven chakras, and each is associated with a color. During meditation, Reiki, and other bodywork, I (and many other people) see these colors, and we've started a discussion about the experience of each! Join us.

Dustin Rose

Tuesday 12th of September 2023

Hi 👋 I'm Dustin level 3 (a) reiki healer and this article was cool because I often see sparkles ✨ n color's on my teddy bear when doin' distant reiki and using the bear as a surrogate for someone and always wondered what the different colours and spakrley stuff I see shootin' out of the bear as I draw the symbols on teddy 🧸 lol ,so yeah this makes sense and kinda helped make some sense of all that jazz hahaah!thanks!


Monday 14th of November 2022

The earth star chakra and soul star are not chakras found in ancient yogic teachings. Vasundhara Is mentioned but not Vasundhara chakra

Lillie Marshall

Monday 14th of November 2022

Thank you for your helpful clarification!


Monday 6th of June 2022

It took a few years of me breaking out of societal associations with the color black and my own, to embrace my black energy and not fear it. I found such a positive connection to black and found it frustrating that others always made assumptions about me because of my comfort of wearing all black all the time. It has been the most powerfully grounding and protective color for me and there was still a part of me that almost felt guilty of this, like it meant I was bad or evil somehow. But as I started to do energy work with myself again, my third eye opened again and then something new happened, my crown chakra opened up visually in front of me and began visually projecting a very visible moving black pattern, sometimes with clear colors behind the pattern, when I would be feeling strong feelings associated with certain chakras, and the powerful moving black pattern always stays. At first it scared me and I thought something was wrong, but a few days later now, I see it as a very helpful "message in a bottle" and as I have been working with grounding, connection to nature, balancing, and really focused on my root chakra work and healing as well as sacral chakra healing, it persists. I felt like I was really looking for a specific article, and that I would know when I found it, I have been looking for three days, and I just found it =) Thank you for this, and I hope that sharing my experience helps give back a little to what this did for me =)

Lillie Marshall

Tuesday 7th of June 2022

So happy you found this article! Hooray for the power of seeing black!

Tyrae Doll

Tuesday 19th of April 2022

I’m so happy to finally find something on the colour black in aura energy! Every time I visualize my husband during meditation I see him as a mix of purples and blue, with a swirling black around him. I feel no negativity from this black swirling energy, more of an awe. It truly reminds me of a galaxy. It’s been hard to find information on this! Thank you ❤️

Lillie Marshall

Wednesday 20th of April 2022

So glad to be able to provide some positive insights on seeing the color black! Keep up your great work!


Friday 4th of February 2022

Wow! wow! wow! I have definitely activated this deep beautiful black field of energy. I am a psychic. I work whole heartedly in a space of fearlessness and one evening a deep black swaying, or lapping like the edge of a giant lake, this shadow, came in the evening yo my left hand I said I work fearlessly. I turned and faced it to find out what this was out of the corner of my eye...the energy sort of left in front me but not menacingly by any means, it turned into orbs, big black orbs flying from left to right that grew closer then a few grey colored one and into purple and soon a magenta that was so neon and sparkly they lit up my vision like fireworks...all moving in procession one begind the other as they flew across my face..when the energy turned that bright amazing magenta I ghasped outloud even with my husband asleep next to me..."WHOA!!" It was beautiful. Now the energy swirls in my vision with my eyes closed, sometimes the white is there, but the black purple/magenta are ever present. I wonder what the work is exactly for the black aura? Because I see outside many dimensions and have been pulled out of the sphere of Consciousness as well...what I saw was validated by a book, and I according to the book Yeshua, Jesus, described the realms exactly as I've seen them... If you or anyone has any further information I will be very grateful...I do work from quite a range of frequencies...going up to converse with the divine ir Spirit or ETs while moving to the ground to work psychically on things of a more human criminal nature. I do see points of light as well, including the red as well as purple pink blue and white. They flash from anywhere to get my attention... And the swirling of my energy I can see with my eyes open when I'm connecting I guess psychically, especially when I'm under the stars, it literally swirls in front of my vision, making the stars urn purple and FIM, purple and dim... as the energy passes in can happen any time but I have an affinity for the stars...they feel very different to me it seems than other people...I see them behave differently from when I was younger too but they kind of had done some odd things back then too. Thanks for taking the time to read. I'd love to connect with you and/or your mentor as well, if you are inclined. Sending love and hugs, and thank you for creating a space for black to be amazing...I find colors to be amazing when black is the backdrop. But the white with pastel rainbows and crystallized light I've seen is equally magnificent. Awesomeness abounds in all of creation, doesn't it!?🌷

Grateful to you,


Lillie Marshall

Tuesday 8th of February 2022

Thank you for sharing these powerful and beautiful experiences, Melissa. Awesomeness abounds, indeed!