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Earth Star Chakra: Color and Meaning in Energy Healing

I’ve always seen colors during meditation that correlate with the seven chakras — the energy centers in the body — but something new started happening once I opened my reiki studio and started doing hands-on energy healing work with clients: I began seeing new colors which didn’t always correlate with the classic chakra colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple-white. What could they mean?

Earth Star Chakra
Learn about the Earth Star Chakra!

Energy Centers Beyond the 7 Chakras?

What, for example, did it mean that I was seeing black energy with certain clients? In the classic chakra chart, there is no black anywhere. This begged the question: how is it possible that the energy centers of the body are only from the head (First Chakra) to the base of the spine (Root Chakra)? How could there be nothing of energetic importance below that?

It is only recently that I’ve learned of a whole other branch of chakra energy study which I’d previously been oblivious to: the theory that there may actually be 114 chakras (when you count the smaller ones within the body between the 7 major ones), and that some chakras are actually quite far OUTSIDE the body!

Two of these outer energy centers are the Soul Star Chakra (above the Seventh Chakra, high over the head), and the Earth Star Chakra — the latter of which we will focus on today.

Earth Star Chakra

When I began researching the Earth Star Chakra, so much of what I’ve seen energetically suddenly made sense. According to certain interpretations how chakras work (including the 13 and 12 Chakra System), the Earth Star Chakra is actually located BELOW the body: 6-18 inches down. Yes, that’s right: the Earth Star Chakra is located below the Root Chakra (the First Chakra), and thus it is referred to as “Chakra Zero.”

Earth Star Chakra color black
I see black (with a little red) for the Earth Star Chakra.

Colors Associated with “Chakra Zero”

Just like the rich soil of the earth, the Earth Star Chakra is associated with the color black. Some people say that this black is tinged with other colors like brown, but in my experience, I’ve seen it most often tinged with very deep red (which makes sense because seeing red is correlated with the chakra right above Earth Star: the Root Chakra, Muladhara).

Meaning and Function of the Earth Star Chakra

Think of the Earth Star Chakra’s meaning as an extension and amplification of the Root Chakra (which is about being grounded). Chakra Zero is about being connected with the power of Mother Earth. I like to picture all living beings inside the fertile womb of Gaia. The Sanskrit name for this energy center is Vasundhara, which means “Daughter of the Earth.”

Chakra Zero is the foundation of the entire energy system, so activating the Earth Star Chakra is key if you’re prone to focusing on upper chakras (and leaning towards seeing white light, versus other colors). One way to “feed” Chakra Zero is spending time in nature, and even walking barefoot on the earth to feel the power coming through the ground.

I’m only just starting my learning about this thrilling new-to-me world of chakras beyond the traditional seven colors, and I’m so eager to hear from YOU about your experience with the Earth Star Chakra — and beyond! Do please share in the comments section.

Other Chakras

Beyond the Earth Star Chakra, there are the traditional seven chakras, and each is associated with a color. During meditation, Reiki, and other bodywork, I (and many other people) see these colors, and we've started a discussion about the experience of each! Join us.

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