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Soul Star Chakra: the 8th Chakra, Explained

Ever been curious to look beyond the traditional seven energy centers or chakras in the body? Today we’ll learn about the beautiful 8th Chakra, known as the Soul Star Chakra! We’ll explore its location, meaning, and ways to unblock or activate it.

As background, my name is Lillie and I’ve been a Boston Reiki energy work practitioner since 2018. My thoughts in this article are from hands-on experience with hundreds of Reiki clients, as well as in-person trainings and research.

I’m also an artist, so the illustrations here are lovingly drawn by me (as you may have already seen in my article about the orange aura meaning). Let’s begin with my diagram of where the Soul Star Chakra is located in the body.

The 8th Chakra is the Soul Star Chakra.
The 8th Chakra is the Soul Star Chakra.

Where is the Soul Star Chakra?

In the traditional 7 Chakra System, the energy centers of the body start at the base of the spine with the 1st, Root, or Red Chakra, then move up in rainbow order to the 7th or Crown Chakra at the top of the head (sometimes associated with a white or purple aura).

There are many different versions of the chakra system, however, and in the 9 Chakra System, there are two vital energy centers just beyond the body. In this system, the Earth Star Chakra (Chakra Zero) is located twelve inches below the body, and the Soul Star Chakra (the 8th Chakra) floats twelve inches above the head.

Soul Star Chakra
Learn about the Soul Star Chakra…

What is the 8th Chakra?

Now, what is the meaning of the 8th Chakra? Similar to the Earth Star Chakra, the Soul Star Chakra is a deeper and broader version of the energy center right next to it. With Chakra Zero, it’s a more intense version of the grounding energy of the 1st Chakra, drawing upon Mother Earth’s nourishing powers of rooting and gestation.

Similarly, the 8th Chakra is an even more elevated version of the 7th or Crown Chakra, which is about connection to universal energy. Thus, when you think of the Soul Star Chakra, visualize the widest expansive of celestial and universal energy imaginable — vibrations that go far past the human body to encompass the vastness beyond.

What Color is the Soul Star Chakra?

The Soul Star Chakra is associated with a white aura, though it’s often also connected with gold and glimmering visuals. Just don’t mix it up with the Third or Solar Plexus Chakra’s color, a yellow aura, which is associated with self-love and confidence — very different from expansive universal energy. (Though I suppose the 3rd and 8th chakras are connected on some levels, as the perspective of getting present to universal energy can help you have more love for yourself).

How to Activate this Energy Center

The key with activating and unblocking the Soul Star Chakra is visualization, intention, and meditative practice that leverages picturing meditation colors. Since I’m an energy worker, I recommend Reiki meditation with a trained practitioner, but I’m biased! There are also some excellent free apps out there to help guide the process.

To access this energy center, breathe in and out deeply, and visualize each of the aura colors of the chakras in your body, starting at the closest to the Earth, then moving upward. As you pass your Crown Chakra and move to picturing the Soul Star Chakra above your head — gleaming white and gold — become aware of the awe-inspiring expanse of universal energy far above and around you. What does that open up, as you get present to that vastness?

Soul Star Chakra, in Sum

In my years as a Reiki practitioner, I’ve found it quite rare that people are fully connected with their Soul Star Chakra — so there is great opportunity for growth and exploration here! I invite you to explore this powerful energy center through solo meditation, or by chakra balancing with an energy work practitioner.

If YOU have tapped into the 8th Chakra, what have you found? What questions do you have? Do share!

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