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Blue Aura: Meaning of Seeing This Chakra Color

What Does it Mean to See Blue with Eyes Closed?

You’ve probably come to this article after searching online for guidance on something mysterious you’ve been experiencing: “What is a blue aura meaning?” While meditating (or maybe during energy work like acupuncture or Reiki), perhaps you suddenly began to see patterns of BLUE light behind your closed eyes.

Alternately, maybe someone has told you that you have a blue aura. So, what does this aura color mean???

Read on to learn the illuminating answer about the meaning of seeing a blue aura, and to learn that you’re not alone in this phenomenon of meditation colors.

Blue aura
The blue aura I sometimes see while meditating.

Why Trust this Article?

I’m not a big corporation that writes about things I don’t know about — I’m a trained Reiki practitioner who, since a young age, has experienced seeing colors during meditation behind closed eyes. At first I thought I was imagining it, but the colors have gotten clearer and clearer as I’ve continued my mindfulness practice — and since I’ve published that article linked in the previous sentence, I realized many others also have this happen to them as well.

While I usually see a purple and yellow aura, I have started to distinctly see different colors when I do Reiki on certain clients. This has led to my extensive study of chakra colors: the hue vibrations associated with the seven energy centers of the body. So which is the blue chakra, and what is it associated with? Answer this question helps understand the meaning of a blue aura.

Blue chakra
Blue chakra

The Blue Chakra

The color blue is associated with the Fifth or Throat Chakra — the Vishuddha — and stretches above and below the throat area, including under the chin and above the collarbone. It is associated with speaking your truth, and verbal expression. Unlike the idiom “feeling blue” which means feeling sad, the blue chakra is not about sadness at all!

Blue Aura Meaning

Knowing the associations of the blue chakra helps illuminate the meaning of a blue wavelength aura. I rarely see blue with Reiki clients (though I do wear blue for some of my Reiki outfits), but the one time I clearly did, my hands were placed under the chin of a woman who was an incredibly accomplished and powerful education leader. She had spent decades using her voice to be heard above the cacophony of schools, and had been very effective at it.

This client’s blue aura reflected that the had a well-developed ability to speak her truth in a way that others could really listen to it. Meanwhile, people I know who’ve shared that they see blue when they meditate are, across the board, outspoken advocates and organizers. The blue aura meaning is about powerfully speaking your truth.

Blue aura meaning
Blue aura meaning

Seeing Blue During Meditation

Sometimes I wonder if the reason I see blue so rarely when I see colors during meditation or Reiki is because so few people — myself included — are currently strong at speaking their truth! The good news, however, is that lately I’ve began to see blue more during solo meditation: something I think might be connected to me actively working on using my voice for honesty.

When I see blue during Reiki, it’s usually in a cloud of blue light, like the first illustration I drew for this article. When I see blue during meditation, however, it usually looks like a sparkling cobalt blue mandala, like the illustration directly above. I see it most often when I cover my face with my hands after meditating and just let myself breathe and sway.

Blue Aura Meaning, in Sum

After reading this, does it resonate at all with your experience of the blue aura meaning? Do share in the comments below! Want more? Check out my other articles on seeing colors of auras:


Saturday 21st of October 2023

This was quite spot on, I decided to do a quick meditation today (after not meditating for a good few months) I noticed a light blue aura passing my vision and then slowly turning into green, I’ve noticed this has happened before with different colors sometimes 1 color sometimes transitioning but i’ve never known what this meant so today I finally decided to google it.

So over the last week or so I have in fact been very vocal and active in spreading the facts and spreading my opinion on current global events. I typically don’t share my views like this publicly but felt like this current situation is so bad and misrepresented. So I have been spending the last week carefully studying the situation and formulating my thoughts so I can accurately educate the people around me and so far I have been relentless in spreading awareness and truth on this situation. thank you so much for sharing ur knowledge


Sunday 3rd of September 2023

Wow this really hit home. I just finished a meditation and was struck by this vivid cobalt blue color with my eyes closed and I had to figure it out. I have been working on actively working on using my voice for honesty, and this totally resonates. 🙏🏼 thank you.

Lillie Marshall

Sunday 3rd of September 2023

Amazing! Thanks for taking the time to share, and best of luck with the development of your powerful and true voice.


Monday 1st of May 2023

Meditating going through my attunement and interesting that I've to work on my throat chakra and the blue was from the third eye

Lillie Marshall

Wednesday 3rd of May 2023

The colors are a little confusing in that the Third Eye is usually described as indigo color, which is more of a purple-tinged blue than the Throat Chakra. You're right that they are connected, too: The intuition from the 6th Chakra can inform what you say with your 5th Chakra.


Sunday 7th of August 2022

I saw a vivid blue mandala, I've never seen that before

Lillie Marshall

Monday 8th of August 2022

Yes, that's what I saw too! Can you share what you were doing when it happened? Meditating? Curious if you'll see it again in the future.